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Game Review   2010-09-23


Heroes of Kalevala

Heroes Of Kalevala IntroMixture of genres is a popular way to make the game more interesting and addicting. Heroes of Kalevala from MythPeople is an example of this. In this newly released game you are to play match-three levels with some sim-like parts here and there.



As it often happens some kind of world is in some kind of danger, and there is some kind of solving this problem. 


Heroes Of Kalevala Match ThreeYour people are struggling with the results of a drought. You go to a shaman for help, and what he tells you to do is to go to the land of Kaleva and build a totally new place for your people to live. The story's roots go back to Finnish mythology. The building of the settlements you do by playing a series of match-three levels.


The matching process goes a very classical way, when you have to move the pieces on a board in order to form a column or a row of three or more identical pieces making them disappear. The goal of these match-three levels is to turn all of the yellow tiles into blue. And that is caused whenever the tiles are involved into the matches.


But if you ever played any game of this genre you know that it is not just that simple. This genre games are usually full of all kinds of bonuses, power-ups, and, of course, challenges. Some matches give you bombs to blow up the yellow tiles. Some of the tiles are going to be locked in some way. These are the examles of all those small features that make the game a more addicting and challenging experience.


Heroes Of Kalevala VillagePlus there is an additional challenge in the form of a crow that is sent by a witch to make it harder for you to complete a level. The crow is going to fly around the board. If it makes the full circle before all of your tiles are turned into blue you lose this board.


As to the other part of the game, where you are to build the settlements, it allows you to do that the way you want it, which is a nice touch. Your cash also helps unlock new buildings for keeping your villagers happier, and special heroes for use during the match-3 parts.


The game looks and sounds very attractiive to the eye and ear. The graphics are lovely and the music perfectly accompanies it. Then, of course, the music can become a little bit annoying, but it is because the game is coung to take you more than a couple of hours. And that is only a plus.


The game has everything a good match-three should have, plus the sim-like parts.

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Game Review   2010-09-23


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This is Heroes of Kalevala review. Download this game here.