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Game Review   2009-09-01


Hide and Seek 3: Pharaoh's QuestHide and Seek 3: Pharaoh's Quest - The Most Exotic Riddle You've Ever Solved!

Here comes Hide and Seek 3: Pharaoh's Quest from Anarchy Enterprises - give it the glad-hand! The third episode of the sensational Hidden Object series Hide and Secret is a success more than ever.

Just start right now and see if you can find anything useful!

Hide and Seek 3: Pharaoh's QuestMagic is what you need to reunite the spirits of the ancient Pharaoh and Queen. Robbers plundered their tombs, and for thousands of years, scattered their sacred items across the globe. The magic of the items keeps their souls together, so you'll travel to the comers of the earth to recover these stolen relics. To visit different lands, find a proper passport and put it onto the right obelisk. This simple movement will carry you to another land immediately. I haven't seen any cheaper and quicker means of transportation! Explore the scenes of Egupt, Italy, China, Mexico, France and England and who knows how many interesting information for yourself you can find there in addition to the sought-for treasures.

After finishing each location successfully, you'll get an item which will come in handy at a most seasonable time and unlock further game opportunities for you. Keep your eyes on one or more Pyramid Amulets to earn extra hints, too.

Hide and Seek 3: Pharaoh's QuestWhen playing time-unlimited minigames, don't worry if you get stuck as you can skip any of them after a Pyramid sign at the right bottom of the screen has been fully charged. You won't need to, though, as these minipuzzles perfectly fit the game and rather immerse you deeper into the game mystery than wander from the point. By the way, I would describe them as easy to solve and thus quite incentive.


I am also glad to share my impressions of graphics with you. They are just superb! Bright colourful vivid pictures are exactly what you need to extract pleasure from the game. Write me some comments if you support this opinion and I'm gonna search for something like the soundtrack to this game and meditate a little as the music is tremendously reassuring.


And now a few tips will help you to make a promising start: already got a propeller? Then go back to the scene with the plane and repair it. You'll see the sparkles, klick on them and so you get into the passport room. Each time when you get a passport, you are to come back to this room and start a new international journey.

What else are you waiting for? Join me playing and share your achievements in our forum!

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Game Review   2009-09-01


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This is Hide and Seek 3: Pharaoh's Quest review. Download this game here.