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Game Review   2010-09-24


Hospital Haste


Hospital Haste IntroThe medical workers say that there are no healthy people, but those ones who were examined not properly still believe themselves to be healthy. A newly released game Hospital Haste gives you an opportunity to treat the patients. The introduction part starts with a comic book, showing how the nurse Sally graduates. She is your character, the one who dreams of opening own clinic. But before her dreams come true you she has to get 5 certificates as proof of her nursing skills. And you’re the one to do that for her!



If only you cannot help the patient in time, he doesn’t die! He just changes the clinic! And for the nurse that tries to get the certificates as soon as possible that might sound even worth, you know.


Hospital Haste Match The RoommatesThis time-management game provides you with 5 exceptional locations, 50 challenging shifts (an endless shift is something extra) and unique diseases to treat. All those make up 5 ours of gameplay. Get prepared that the guys that come to your hospital will have rabbit ears or look like a fish. Haven’t heard of such illnesses? You’ll learn even more.


Hospital Haste a little bit reminds of Hotel Dash (especially laundry and a sign-in desk), but the play Hospital Haste offers is much more complex than it is in Hotel Dash.


You must be prepared that every sickness has different treatment requirements and some of the illnesses must be treated more quickly than others. And if only you cannot help the patient in time, he doesn’t die! He just changes the clinic! And for the nurse that tries to get the certificates as soon as possible that might sound even worth, you know. So in order to plan all the procedures the best way and prevent your pations from moving somewhere else, you must do your best to anticipate the needs of the patients.


Hospital Haste Take The LoundryBesides you need to take into account matching system. It is based on several elements, the first of which is the ailment: all the people with the same disease are better to be set on the same floor. The other matching element is love and it works if you put a man and a woman in double rooms.


All that can be learned with the help of tutorial. It turned out to be rather usefull personally for me. But the main thing is the one you still have to manage by your own: if you want to progress through the levels you will need to plan really effectively. And it may occur sometimes hard as the gameplay is fast-paced from the very beginning.

Hospital Haste MapI can tell you for sure that there will be no time to smoke a cigarette. Not only because you play a role of a nurse and the cigarettes don’t fit the health-life style that is associated with the medical staff. But mainly because as the game progresses, you get some extra elements that will make your path through the game more complicated: additional diseases, a surgeon and operating room, ambulance and heliport entrances etc. This means the more you managed to control, the more areas to watch, the more patients to take care of, and even patient's families you will have to manage!

Some shifts can be endless, but that’s your choice when to stop! And it’s you do decide whether start them or not! Hurry up, until the epidemic of hares’ ears is not spread around!

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Game Review   2010-09-24


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