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Game Review   2008-01-12


Download Hot Dish for freeHot Dish – The First Cooking Simulator

Though the market can seem overflooded with diner games, there’s always space for the tremendous pieces of innovation and talent. Ladies and gents, those who cannot get their hands off Diner Dash game series, I am happy to present you a new dish to spoil your sweet tooth – Hot Dish developed by Zemnott.

In this game with funny graphics and inspiring music, you’ll have to cook the dishes from many national cuisines(while working in Italian, Japanese and other restaurants).



Hot Dish Game DownloadSo, I am not afraid of saying, this is the first cooking simulator on the web. Your task is to prepare every dish on the menu – chop the veggies or meat, boil paste, fry and stir something. And while accomplishing these tasks, you will have to perform every action with your mouse! Which means, you’ll have to chop, stir, boil, fry, mix, cut, and bake with your mouse. More than that, in order to succeed, you’ll have to prepare several dishes at a time to become a cooking pro.


At the end of level, a food critic will rate your dishes using the star system. If your dishes does not earn the required minimum of stars, you’ll have to replay the level.

Download Hot Dish for freeThere will be several types of dishes that you are to master. As you are done with entrees, you will have to learn preparing appetizers. It is essential that you work on several dishes at the same time, and finish them simultaneously. If not, the dishes you prepared earlier will lose their tasting quality while you’ll be finishing the last dish. And thus, you’ll earn less stars.

There are two things you can do to finish the level successfully;

- if you’re to perform some complicated action(like stirring and adding sault) with one dish, you can mix it with something easy like chopping and grating for other dish;

- choose some simple dishes like Tomato Caprice for the first time.

But at the same time, don’t forget to buy new dishes at the beginning levels. If you are good at preparing them, you’ll earn more stars.

Download Hot Dish for freeBut don’t you get addicted to Italian cuisine since soon you’ll be promoted to Bushido Wok - a restaurant that offers multinational cuisine(chicken teriyaki, lots of soups, chops, salads), and later you're to master French cuisine.

Aside from its fast-paced time-management gameplay, Hot Dish game offers you a relaxing cooking experience. So, if you never cooked yourself, it will make you want to study. If you practice cooking too often and are tired of it, the game will make you change your attitude to it and take it as a creative process every minute of which can be enjoyed.

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Game Review   2008-01-12


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Cri  2013-01-10 02:07:31
I rckeon you are quite dead on with that.

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