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Game Review   2006-11-10


Hotel Solitaire Deluxe - all Sorts of Patience in One Game

The game we are talking about now is as old as the world. It's been played in different countries for centuries since the moment cards were invented. This is also the first casual game, built-in the Windows OEM-package. The point is to put the pile of cards in a defined order: either by a card type or by a card value. Why not giving our attention today to a Solitaire game, the favorite past-times of all office workers and housekeepers.


Solitaire (Patience) is a single-player card game aimed at rearranging cards in a prescribed order: a player is to arrange the cards they take from a shuffled deck on a table(PC screen) in a certain order(by suit and rank).


 Hotel Solitaire Deluxe playfield

But today we are going to discuss a very special Solitaire game. To be more precise, a collection of solitaire games that's been very warmly accepted by a community of solitaire fans. Welcome to Hotel Solitaire Deluxe.


Hotel Solitaire Deluxe is a vast collection of different Solitaire games united in one game plot.


Upon starting a game, a player is offered a stay in a posh Hotel Solitaire (which in fact is real), a cosy and high-class hotel, where a new solitaire game is hiding behind each door. 


So, given there are 5 rooms on each floor, you'll have to play through 100 levels of the Solitaire Hotel.


 Explore 20 storeys of Hotel Solitaire

Bright and colorful interface, and lovely porter are definitely the pros of this game. So, feel yourself at home.


After you take an elevator and start the first game, you'll plunge into the world of Solitaire - a card game, aimed at classifying the pile of cards under different principles.


Besides you'll have to master playing 5 different kinds of Patience each corresponding to the color of the chamber door in a Hotel Solitaire. 


But I have to warn you: unless you are a solitaire fan, you'd better not waste your time.


Me, I've been trying to keep away from cards from the very childhood. In my opinion, Solitaire game as a process of rearranging cards and putting them from one place to another, is just a boring. Yet if you browse the Internet for readers' reviews, you will find that at different portals dozens of solitaire fans are complaining they are desperate about getting the full version of the game.


If you are a solitaire newbie (which most probably means you have never been an office worker:) ), this game is very good to start from to obtain a card game playing skills. It can be also called a Solitaire school. First, you always have rules of each Solitaire type at hand. And second, you can always use the in-game hints, undo your last moves to correct your mistakes.


As far as solitaire professionals are concerned, this game will be of a good value for them since...


It can be played at time-limited and timeless modes, which allows for testing player's logics and reaction.


 Several layout types

Moreover, you can choose the background for each Solitaire game and pick the card back you like.


It is an engaging plot, colorful interface that make the game interesting, but it is Solitaire that makes the game boring. This is my personal opinion, as a one who takes a very little interest in solitaire. But I advice you to try Hotel Solitaire Deluxe yourself to define whether you have an inclination for playing Solitaire or not.


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Game Review   2006-11-10


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