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Game Review   2009-07-07


Huru Beach PartyHuru Beach Party - Squared Fun!

The family of fast-paced cute time-management games where you spend time on the beach has been enlarged with one more title that is absolutely worth your attention. Huru Beach Party is really hot, and will keep you entertained for hours.

Know you can do it? Time to prove!

Huru Beach PartyPeople in Huruville love sports. Some people love it very much. The main heroine of the game is the leader of the local school volleyball team. All she needs to win the championship is the mney for uniforms and equipment. But the head of the school sports association, Jack, has given all the funds to his football team motivating it with their recent victories. The girl is determined to prove her team can also win, but where will she take the money from? A friend of hers make an offer that can be the solution - why not work at her daddy's beach and make the necessary amount? The friend will at the same time able to gather enough information for her article about Jack - and make him regret his deeds! So, the choice is obvious- and you start learning the basics of serving beach customers.

If you are familiar with such games, you won't find anything unusual or unexpected. At the beginning your beach will be equipped only with some seats and a lemonade machine. The number of customers you can allow to the beach at a moment is limited with your popularity. And popularity is earned by serving customers on time to get more happy faces from them.

Huru Beach PartyThe process of serving a customer is very simple. First you allow him or her to the beach, then wait for them to take a seat (use umbrellas to increase their patience), and wait for the order. For some of services you'll get a pop-up where you'll need, for example, to click on the right time to fill a glass of lemonade and get the maximum tips, or create the ice-cream sundae the customer ordered. Others, like renting lifesavers or banana-boats, don't require any additional clicks.

The goals for each level include different tasks, like selling a minimum number of certain services, earning certain level of popularity or building some machine and upgrades. By the way, upgrades and new buildings can be purchased for stars you earn for completing levels in time, and ahead of time - with Master and Expert efficiency. Some levels require a certain upgrade to be purchased beforehand.

Tip: if you don't have enough money for the necessary building, you can purchase another beach or replay one of the previous levels to earn more.

Between levels there are also some mini-games, like jigsaw where you are to create posters for photographs. Some other features, like advertisements, gym for your staff and ice-cream supplier for your sundae machine will be added as you progress in the game. So there is much to be explored in Huru Beach Party!

And the funny graphics and square-faced characters are also sure not to leave you untouched. Wanna try?

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Game Review   2009-07-07


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