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Game Review   2008-04-06


Ice_Cream_ManiaIce Cream Mania - Race To Get The Fortune


Ice Cream Mania is a crazy time-management game from Nevosoft. The game is so very like the rest of the games of this style, but it really is one of the best representatives of this genre with everything it offers.



You are one of the daughters to fight for the wealth of the father.


Ice_Cream_ManiaThis time-management game gets you involved into the race for the fortune. But, of course, there's so much more than that.


So according to the story you are one the two daughters of an ice cream magnate Henry Rich. According to his will you need to compete with your sister now for the wealth he left.


The one who will eventually run her own business most successfully will get the entire father's fortune. But it's all about money for the other sister only, not for you. Your character isn't like that - she wants to keep her father's business alive. While your sister is doing it just out of her greed and desire to get the cash.


You give a client a menu, prepare the kind of ice cream he/she wants, serve it, and take the tips ... if you are fast enough.


Ice_Cream_ManiaThe gaming part goes as follows. You are going to work at the ice cream stand serving the clients according to their wishes.


The order of actions is pretty much classic. You give a client a menu, prepare the kind of ice cream he/she wants, serve it, and take the tips.


You will see what exactly the client wants right about his/her head. After that your task is to choose the right things (like the kind of the ice cream, cones or toppings) on your machines, cone lists and topping stations.


You are to serve the ice cream before the client's patience runs out in order to get the tips. The game becomes very crazy as you progress. The clients make more and more complicated orders with all kinds of stuff you can add to the ice cream.


If you do a mistake with an order you are to start all over again. The difficulty level also grows when the orders become more complicated but it's actually a bit hard to see some of the parts of the small ice cream pictures.


All in all the game is one of the best representatives of this genre, even though it doesn't offer anything extra special.



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Game Review   2008-04-06


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