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Game Review   2010-10-05


Incredible Adventures of My MomIncredible Adventures of My Mom


Looking at the snapshots of the game in this review you can get the idea of what the game's story is all about. Incredible Adventures of My Mom is like one of those "Stop or my mother will shoot"-like movies.


If you find those story lines funny and interesting, you will most probably like this game too.




Not only the story, but also the game play  won't be loved by everyone.


Incredible Adventures of My Mom

As for me, I am not really a great fan of scripts like that, and such humor doesn't seem that funny to me. The story introduces you to a police officer, whose chief had been kidnapped. This puts Sammy (that's our guy's name) in charge of this whole situation.


But his mom being a loving and caring mother decides to travel all the way to Italy to help her son as he finds himself in this extremely dangerous situation.


As you can guess you are going to visit many different locations in Italy. The graphics in general are quite good, though you shouldn't expect anything you haven't seen before. They are bright and detailed, but the scenes are sometimes clattered with items that obviously don't belong to the place.


Incredible Adventures of My Mom

Things are pretty average in respect of the game play. You do the hidden object searches all the time, and occasionally have to find some inventory in order to ulock or move further in the game.


Most of the items are not that difficult to find, but if you still have any troubles with any of those, there is a hint button at your disposal. It is on rechargable basis, and it takes a while for it to charge, by the way.


The skip button is also rechargable and doesn't do that quickly. There are mini-games in between the searches. They are all very typical of the genre. Don't expect to come across something totally new.


Incredible Adventures of My Mom

The mini-games are so not-one-of-a-kind that you most probably want to skip them just because of the boredom. But I am almost absolutely sure that those of you who are not familiar with this genre that well, will most probably enjoy the mini-games.


The same thing can be said about the whole game. Those who've been into the hidden object/adventure games for quite a while will have so many flaws in this game rating it rather low, things will be different for those who are not new to the genre and take the first steps in figuring out what it is all about.


The game is not perfect, but it definitely has its gamers.




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Game Review   2010-10-05


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This is Incredible Adventures of My Mom review. Download this game here.