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Game Review   2018-01-20


Incredible Dracula IV: Game of GodsIncredible Dracula IV: Game of Gods Collector's Edition


It’s that time of year again for Alawar Entertainment Inc. and New Bridge Games to come out with another time management game from the Incredible Dracula series. Incredible Dracula IV: Game of Gods Collector’s Edition is here, and as hard as it may be to imagine, it is even better than the previous three episodes!



In this game, you will be taking on a challenge from the Norse god of mischief, Loki. 


Incredible Dracula IV: Game of Gods

If you have played the previous three chapters, then you probably noticed a continuing storyline. The fourth episode takes you on a tangent adventure, so while the first three are certainly worth the adventure, they are not necessary to understand Game of Gods.


In this game, you will be taking on a challenge from the Norse god of mischief, Loki. The game has a unique feel to it. It combines cartoony graphics with spooky music to give you that, “I’m in a spooky cartoon” that combines Romanian vampires with Scandinavian mythology. You have much work to do and there are paths, which you need to send your workers down, but you have to keep an eye on all of them, lest you lose control and all Viking chaos breaks loose. If this is absolutely your first experience with Time Management games, then do not fear; there is a setting that will allow you to put it in beginner mode so that the challenge won’t be too overwhelmingly difficult for you.


A cool attribute of the Collector’s Edition is that it is a time management game that also has a collectible figurine in every scene. Hint: it would be wise to search for them before you click anything and start the timer. A couple of the scenes have wrapped presents that you can collect for their surprises inside. There are 26 unlockable achievements which will give you cute little trophies for doing random things, but these are not your standard participation trophies, so you had better get ready to do some real playing! And if things get too difficult for you to the point that you need to cheat, there is a detailed walkthrough of each level available to you.


Check out the Collector’s Edition today!

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Game Review   2018-01-20


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This is Incredible Dracula IV: Game of Gods review. Download this game here.