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Game Review   2009-03-30



 Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus - Find The Stolen Masterpiece


Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus is one of the latest releases. The game is developed and published by Intenium. It offers lots of hidden object levels and a range of mini-games to play.


All of the puzzles are tightly connected with the story of a stolen masterpiece.



You play as a young detective named Francesca DiPorta. This young beautiful lady is to find out who is behind stealing a painting from a gallery.


Insider_Tales_The_Stolen_VenusYou play as Francesca DiPorta, who's called in to solve the mystery when the Botticelli painting "Birth of Venus" is stolen right out of its frame at the Uffizi Gallery.


After consulting with art expert Pietro Abinoni – who's a dead ringer for Bill Murray in "The Life Aquatic" – Francesca whisks off to the village of Castiglionbasso, where she believes the culprit has fled.


While in town, you'll visit different locations, such as the hotel, the local shop, the pier, and the police station, by selecting them on a map of the area.



The story takes some random and baffling turns at times (you have to rescue Pietro from jail, where he's been imprisoned for stealing food), and the dialog feels awkward in places, thanks to some less-than-perfect translation.


Though the hidden object sections are disappointingly ordinary, the plethora of minigames that take place between levels almost makes up for them.


They come in all shapes and sizes, from puzzles to skill challenges, and are so pleasingly varied that you never know what to expect. You'll arrange chocolates so that they fit together in a box, reassemble pictures a la jigsaw puzzle, snap photographs of fast-moving butterflies, spot the differences between images, rearrange boxes to slide a wine bottle out of storage, and even remember ever-changing sequences of flashing stars in the sky.


These minigames achieve just the right amount of challenge, too; never too hard to be game-stoppers, but tricky enough to keep your interest.


While it might not quite be the hidden object game you were hoping for, you 'll likely still find Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus entertaining enough to see it through to the end.

















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Game Review   2009-03-30


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This is Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus review. Download this game here.