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Game Review   2007-08-06


 Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos Game Review


If you've been playing casual games for more than half a year, yet you are not a technical or development expert, I bet you know the recipe for the HIT Game:


Take a mystery, cover it with a thrilling detective plot, clatter it in different (and most popular world's highlights), split into 50 or more levels and wrap it with hidden-object gameplay.


Perfect graphics and music are not a must, but are preferable.


Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos game: is it the same or not?


Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos developed by TikGames is the game that has all of above listed ingredients, including astonishing visuals and captivating music. But still it has something that makes it a stand out from the row of conveyor-coined hidden object games. It features good humor, presentable art and hi-tech-themed interface that will put you in the shoes of top-secret agent hunting for the dangerous criminal.


Not to mention, every hidden object and spot-the-difference level delivers the real flavor of each of the world's greatest cities you are going to visit during your seek-and-find investigation across the globe that is going to last for the next several hours. So, though, it may sound like one-in-a-row from a short description, Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos has SOMETHING that only developer talent can put inside a game.


Let's split the game into several parts to find out what it is:


Interpol: The Trail of Dr.ChaosPlot: In terms of genre, it is a cross between a spy comedy and thrilling spy story sort of James Bond. So, Russian mafiosi Vladimir Chaosski aka Dr. Chaos whose cruel mind threatened the peaceful life on Earth in the time of Cold War has now resurfaced and has been causing disorder in the greatest world's cities like Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, New York and so on. So, you as an Operative hired by Interpol are to put a very responsible mission on your shoulders and spot the trail of Dr. Chaos.


You are to track down Dr.Chaos by sleuthing for clues he left in world's biggest cities, each of which represents a mere hidden-object scene.


Interpol: The Trail of Dr.ChaosSo, here we go. The only thing to be said about most of graphical backgrounds is that they are picturesque and perfectly communicating the atmosphere of each location whether it is Kremlin panorama in Moscow or the view of Liberty statue in the Big Apple, or Emperor's Palace of Tokyo. This rich multicultural palette of your investigation makes it more than just a hidden-object hunt.


Alas, Tik Games were the first who met my long-time expectations as per the game difficulty and interaction with a player. First, it is really POSSIBLE to pass the levels from the first attempt without the need to replay them for 10 times. And finally, if you are stuck and ask for hint, yet there are more than one clue for you to find, you'll need to specify what exactly you need help with and you will get hint on the location of this very clue.


If hidden object levels feature traditional game play, it is to say that spot-the difference mini-games were the point where the developer was very innovative.


Interpol: The Trail of Dr.ChaosFirst aside from the spot-the-difference levels there are spot-the-failure- a new type of puzzle aimed at finding the failures on the landscape of some city.


Moreover, like a professional Operative, you'll be searching maps, landscapes with amagnifying glass, which makes the game even more challenging. So, whether you are a fan of hidden object investigations or just a beginner, try this game that offers not just a seek-and-find game play, but a marvelous trip across the globe.

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Game Review   2007-08-06


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Joan  2007-08-18 21:27:49
Fun game but I have yet to discover how to save it. Each time I play I have to start over again. Is this how it's supposed to be played?

Roel  2007-09-23 15:53:45
It's supposed to auto-save, even mid-level

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