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Game Review   2007-09-18


Jane's Hotel Game DownloadJane's Hotel - Next Stop of Time-management Business


Today we are glad to present you a new take on Diner Dash, but this time the action takes place in hotel industry. Jane's Hotel - the latest creation of Realore Studios from Russia welcomes all the fans of comfortable settings and speedy gameplay.



The point of the game is to help Jane, a newbie in hotel business (but rather enthusiastic one) to start her own hotel from scratch and to take it to the top of hotel industry.


Jane's Hotel Game DownloadJust like in real life that might mean you will have to fulfill all the requirements your customers, take care of hotel premises and always improve your business with multiple upgrades.


So, when your customer checks in, give him/her a key. When customers disappear behind the door, the most interesting part of the game begins...


By the way, your clientele is represented by a variety of customer types that are going to grow as you play further. Though your customers are different in character, their needs are the same: they want a clean chamber, a news-paper or a cup of coffee.


Plus, they expect your hotel to be an excellent place to stay. So, your concern is not to let any trouble happen (I mean you'll have to clean customer's rooms when they want you to do that or before someone new checks in), water the flowers so they won't wither, equip your hotel with more furniture and stuff that will make the stay more enjoyable.


Now imagine what happens once you learn the ropes and plunge yourself into a more serious game.


Imagine all your rooms reserved, and each customer asking you to fulfill his own whim.


Jane's Hotel Game DownloadSay, two of them will want you to clean their place while another two would like a cup of coffee. Thank God you'll have a chambermaid to clean the room.


But you'll have to handle the rest of the tasks yourself (serving coffee, bringing news-papers, switching the TV on etc.) on your own. Ok, you managed to do the cleaning, settled on coffee and news-papers. But now you see a customer has left his room and sits in a foyer in front of TV and expects you to switch it on. Once you are switching and hopping about the hotel, there is a line of new visitors waiting to check in and losing their patience second after second. Once you hand the keys to them, you see the flowers start to wither on the background!


Well, this is what you call a time-management arcade. In Jane's Hotel, like in 99% percent of arcades you're to earn minimum profit in order to procede.


Jane's Hotel Game DownloadFor the money you make you can buy upgrades for your business. By the way if you grow big enough and not fit in a small hotel, it's time to move to a more spacious and luxurious place. So, Jane's Hotel is a good arcade that all fans of Diner Dash must try. The game features nice graphics, challenging plot and funny characters and rather original camera view. But it's a pity you cannot take two objects at the same time which could speed up this game and make it even more vivid.

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Game Review   2007-09-18


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hexelone  2008-02-25 01:07:40
this is the best game i have know. . . . . . . .

this game is so beautiful. . . . . .

if anyone want to be my friend. . . . .

add me, hexelone_10@hotmail.com. . . . .


Hope  2007-09-22 08:18:54
I thought the same thing about being able to pick up multiple items at the same time, but I discovered that if you have 2 or more people that want the same thing you can just click on them in a row and jane will give it to them all. It has to be the same item though. like if there are 3 people that want coffee at the same time, you click the coffee pot and then click the first second and third person in a row, and she will deliver. just FYI. Thnaks

Deb  2007-09-26 14:42:49
Can anyone tell me how you get past level 21 where there are only 4 rooms?

Jo  2007-10-10 01:59:01
Brilliant game. Just completed it. Took a while (and patience), the trick to it is 'chaining'. Recommend this game to anyone who enjoys time management.

sara  2007-12-13 19:00:22
this game is really great i love it,no words can describe how nice this game is so if any one here want to be my friend email me at sexy_pouchie@yahoo.com i am a really great friend se ya

danielle  2009-05-16 15:45:34
thank you very much

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