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Game Review   2008-04-01


Jane's Hotel 2 introJane's Hotel: Family Hero - Simulation fun continues!

We are happy to offer you a sequel to a game which enjoyed extreme popularity when it was released. Realore Studios proudly present Jane's Hotel: Family Hero! Yes, you are right, Jane is back with all the fun you had in the original game and more!

I am sure you remember Jane and her hotel

s that made her so successful in the first game of the series. Yo


are welcome to meet your favorite character again!

Jane's Hotel 2Jane receives a note from her Granny living in Europe. A note asking for help. Our heroine doesn't even hesitate to come and help. She learns that the family chain of hotels is under the threat of bankruptsy, and Granny is about to sell it. Certainly, Jane is not going

to let this happen. She is determined to keep the enterprise in the family. And you are to assist her in reaching this goal, as you might guess.

This is what the story says for short. Jane goes to a bank for a loan and has to repay it to buy out each of the four hotels situated in four different countries of the world (Canarian Islands, England, Japan and France, to be exact) - these are the four stages of the game. For repaying each debt you will have a certain number of days - these are levels inside each of the stages. In simple words, you have to earn a certain number of points during a certain number of levels. What is great, if you reach the necessary sum before the stage comes to the end, you are given a choice - to continue playing in this hotel or to proceed to the next one. And I should note that each place presents a totally new surrounding in the style of the country it is situated in. It's a nice change to find yourself in a medieval castle after 15 levels of tropical bungaloes.

Jane's Hotel 2The game play remains the same as in the first game - you have to serve all the needs of your customers while they stay at your place. You will clean the rooms, serve coffee, bring newspapers and phone and open sun umbrellas for your clients, and you'll get tips for that. Such appliances as coffee machines and phones can get broken, in this case you'll need your doorman.

If you play time-management and simulation games a lot, you may discover the absense of some features you would expect from such a release. For example, Jane is not able to carry more than one thing at a time, and you get no chaining bonus. These may be a bit disappointing, but once you get used to the game play, it's absolutely OK.

Jane's Hotel 2Tip: a few seconds before a client asks for something it starts glowing yellow. This may give you a hint as to what to do next and save you a bit of time.

After each level you have an opportunity to upgrade your hotel by buying furniture and upgrades such as training for your staff or better equipment. These will help you gain popularity and attract customers in order to earn the money you need. You will be also able to make photographs for your clients and sell souvenirs to them.

So, the game preserves all the value of its predecessor and gives a new twist to the game play you are used to. Welcome back to Jane's Hotel!

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Game Review   2008-04-01


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