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Game Review   2010-03-09


Jane's Zoo

Jane's Zoo game review and free game downloadDearest fans, you found the Jane's game series so funny and popular, so we are glad to introduce you another sequel about Jane and her adventures in a zoo. This time you are to care of wild animals and make a contribution into wild life's rescue.
Once travelling in Africa, Jane got deep in thought how much wildlife suffers from air and water pollution. As the situation with wild animals urgently needs intervention, Jane decides to do her best to help them by organizing a relief fund to help zoos all over the world. And so, here it is - your first day at the zoo, so hurry up to serve the animals quickly as especially swift players will get a speed bonus.

Enough with vampires, witches and other devilry! Let's take care of wild nature.

Jane's Zoo free game download and reviewFirst of all, adjust the game for your own needs and abilities - select a mode. Normal difficulty mode is a mode with a normal difficulty. If you play for the first time, you'd better choose this mode. Expert is a mode with a greater difficulty. If you are a Time Management games' fan, you'd like this mode.

There is a zoo square at your disposal with some animals' houses in it. First time you'll have not so much to do to get into the way one should do it. However, having passed several levels, you'll spot the difference in difficulty. You'll start with an Jane's Zoo free game download and reviewelephant and a monkey which are rather patient animals. Later on, having dealt with young cubs and king of animals, you'll realize they require especial treatment and much more attention. But is that a significant obstacle for those who love animals? I don't think so. So, get ready to serve bananas, peanuts, steaks, water, wash and train your wild charges, keep their territory in order and earn coins! The more coins you've got, the more facilities are available to you to widen the range of your service. Buy a bathhouse, a gym and a hospital in order that your zoo be furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

Jane's Zoo free game download and reviewAs you may already have quessed, all animals are different. Some of them are not very capricious, but some are almost impossible to please. So, be ready to wait patiently for an elefant's wish as sometimes they need more time to decide what they want. Your monkey won't give you a lot of trouble, too. It's gonna be a cheerful, active and playful animal which itself while waiting for your help.

From time to time there are ecological expeditions organised for you to take part in them and clean the wild nature from litter. This is a kind of a hidden object minigame, where you should find and collect rubbish during limited period of time. Expect an update bonus Jane's Zoo free game download and reviewfor good work, select an advance for tools, minigames, speed or charisma and gain 5% speed boost or increase in animals' patience.

There is a crow which is a too loud and oboxious bird, that's why it gives you a lot of trouble disturbing everybody if you do not scare it away periodically. Of course, it's not easy both to meet the deadlines and earn enough scores to reach your goal. That's why there are helpful bonus pieces such as a coin, a smile and a snowflake to increase your score, prolong animals' patience and to freeze animals' patience meter respectfully. Try them on, it really works!

Actually, this game has all latest features, which a really good time management game must have, so I highly recommend it to those who is seeking for some relaxation by clicking and observing nice game scenes.

Oh, and don't forget to take the animals into their houses when it rains!


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Game Review   2010-03-09


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