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Game Review   2007-11-11


Jewel_CraftJewel Craft - Match-Three/Four/Five/Six... Game


There are a great number of match-three games but few of them represent a really tough challenge and make your mind work, not relax in order to complete a level.


Jewel Craft from GameOver Games is one of those games.


You are to choose from one of two modes: Story or Challenge.


Jewel_CraftThere are two modes in the game that offer you quite different options. They are: Story and Challenge.


The Story mode delivers you a story of an ancient Arabic jeweller whose works were found in an archaeological dig in Arabian Desert in 1963.


It is a story of a very talented boy who was taken to be an apprentice of a chief jeweller of the king.


So every level is knitted into the story and represents another task for the boy. His task is to adorn a piece of jewellery with different gems that he is to cut. And this gets us to the game itself.


The games looks very much like an average match-three game till you realize that you have to consider the matches you make.


Jewel_CraftAt first glance, Jewel Craft seems to be just a match-three game where your only task is to match three or more tiles of the same type.


Well, you do have to make matches but it matters what matches you make here.


As you get another assignment, you are informed of what gems are needed. And this determines the number of the stones you are to match.


For example, six stones to get a large-sized topaz. In this game you make matches by rotating the stones. So you practically can get the type of the stone you need for a match.


But quite soon you kind of run out of the stones as the tiles turn into empty slots and you are just not able to make any more matches. So it's not that you just make random matches and sooner or later you are going to get all the gems that you need.


Your task in the Challenge mode is to be as successful as possible at making matches on the board on the left so that the falling gems would not fill up the jar on the right.


Jewel_CraftThe Challenge mode is a bit different. In this mode the screen is divided into two fields - one of them is a place the gems fall into and the other one is your board.


Your task here is to make matches of different stones so that the gems on the right would disappear.


Every sufficient match will break glass ball of every gem on the right and get it out of there.


So, as you play here, consider what colors on the right are the dominant ones at the moment. In this way you will know what matches it will be wiser to make. There's a meter under the jar that shows your progress. Once the bar is full the level is completed.


The game features great graphics and sounds. There are a lot of power-ups such as Dice, Clock, Bomb, Bag, Lightnings and others. They are very helpful because the gems really tough at times.

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Game Review   2007-11-11


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