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Game Review   2007-02-16


Jewel Quest II - Gold-Rush At the Heart Of AfricaJewel Quest II - Gold-Rush In The Heart Of Africa


There is one step from love to betrayal. Professor Pack' girl left him and he decided to drown his sorrows in South Waters. Joining a staff of a cargo ship, he sets on journey to Africa. Wild Safari, Zimbabwe Ruins, Breathtaking  Victoria Falls and sparkilng treasures are to be discovered by those who will set his foot on a Southern continent together with Professor Pack.


At each location of the world's richest continent,  Professor is to solve puzzles by matching colored jewels.


Swap 2 adjacent jewelsJewels nest in the tiles of a grid. The point of the game is to make a line of three or more jewels of identical color.


To swap 2 jewels from adjacent tiles, click on both tiles or simply drag a gem to the adjacent square. Once 3 or more jewels are matched, tiles under them turn gold. Each gold tile scores bonus of 50 points. The gems themselves disappear, giving room to new jewels. Often matched gems cause chain reaction leading to new matches.


A key strategy of all match-3 puzzles works in Jewel Quest 2 as well: the more gems are matched simultaneously, the higher scores you get. When all tiles are gold, the level is completed.


Colored gems are to be removed from the board before the timer runs out: if the level is not completed on time, one life is taken away from you.


Match jewels before timer runs outStill, by doing quick match, one can score extra points as well. Depending on how much time is left, one is rewarded with bonuses.


Pay attention that when the board is filled with gems, some tiles remain empty.  Empty spaces come in very handy: jewels can be moved into any empty space while solving a puzzle.


If one is completely at his wit's end and makes no matches for a long time, he is given hints.


Playing field literally sparkles with gold: apart from tiles that turn gold after each successful match, gold coins are occasionally added to a board.


A Map of DestinationsGold coins are power-ups: when 3 of them are put into a line, the player earns Special move. Special moves come in handy when one needs to uncover a buried gem or to remove any other jewel.


To use a Special move, click on a ‘special' button and then on any space or jewel.


Other coins and power-ups are to be discovered as well as one will be cracking 180 puzzles on a quest to find gold relics.


Jewel Quest II features gripping story and a smooth gameplay. Compared to the first version, it gives the player an opportunity to  compete with players all over the world, as two modes  - Quest and Tournament - are available in the game (let us remind that a first version had only a single-player mode). Africa-inspired graphics is stunning: background scenery takes one's breath away while jewels on the board dazzle with their impossible colors.



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Game Review   2007-02-16


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bader  2007-02-16 13:11:08

Hildy  2007-03-15 10:30:53
I love Jewel Quest II. At first, I thought the adding the gold coins which act as freebies was going to ruin it, but it makes it better and changes your strategy.

I have a question...I made it through the entire board, through all the roads which put me pointwise well over 2,000,000. The last few boards were hard. When I was through with the last board on the last road, it just flashed CONGRATULATIONS. That was nice. Then it went back to board one, but it said SUPER HARD...and it was and I ended up losing the rest of my lives and gold coins on that board. Has anyone gotten to that board and is it even possible to complete that board if you don't have at least 10 gold coins to help you? Save those gold coins...you're going to need them!

yoda  2007-03-19 07:14:34
I am at level 5-10 and have been at that same board for two days. it is driving me crazy. i don't have coins left and all of my lives are gone. I bet I've played that same board 30 times! I am already tired of jewel quest II.

Trisha  2007-03-28 23:14:16
I love Jewel Quest II. I especially love the tournament game and playing against other people. My question is the rating system and what it means to me when it goes "up & down" and how some people have low hundreds. This is the most addicting game I've ever played. Just ask my family they know where to find me.

susie  2008-06-17 02:19:39
i have made it through the whole game. I am now trying to figure out how to beat the tournament. From what i have read here, it is rigged. the company needs to see this and fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Urs  2008-06-24 22:35:33
I too am fustrated with the tournament play. Think that your ahead and then you notice the other player has more points then you and has not even cleared the board. They really should fix this problem.

Kathy  2007-05-05 16:18:45
I loved the game, but now I'm in super hard....it is nerve racking..I"m on 1-3 and I am stuck. I run out of time usually with just one space left to make gold drives me nuts, but I won't quit now...It is true, lost my lives, my gold coins, but I will not quit.

Joe  2008-02-10 13:21:35
I have noticed that when I am playing in the tourny mode any opp that says from: HOME always kicks my azz....even when I clear the board and have 100 silver coins and my opp has not cleared the board still beats me..This must be the computer generated opp I am playing against..not a real person. Just my thoughts...

Victoria  2008-02-10 18:58:14
Yes, Florida is totally right..the game is rigged (tournament mode) so that really the computer designates a winner and your skill or speed has nothing to do with winning....it's how many silver coins the game decides to give you. It does suck, is frustrating, and not worth spending your money on!!!

California  2008-01-20 12:34:23
I agree with Florida, the tournament games are not fair, it's really not a good way to get people to buy your games...You have lost alot of sales just from me telling anyone intrested about how the game cheats you out of wins. Get a clue people, fix this.

TKITORLVIT  2008-02-01 00:09:45
I agree Fl, I find the cheating in tournament mode quite frustrating. Especially when it give the person that didn't even finish the board a higher scroe than me when I made it to silver mode and have 30+ coins!!! I don't know if I will buy JQIII when it comes out even though I liked this one, other than the computer cheating you...

kdzatko  2007-08-03 12:57:25
For all of you in super hard bonus round, hang in there and keep playing. I am on level 5-6 of bonus. It's hard, for sure. My problem now is that my game keeps shutting down, right after it begins to load. I have tried to get help from Iwin, but they are ignoring me. I don't want to uninstall the game and reinstall it, because I will lose all my hard work to this point. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks and good luck.

Mary  2008-05-28 19:03:10
Let's all demand our money back, and watch THEM lose.
How can anyone keep playing? It's a waste of life.
Get out and help someone who needs you. Life is too short to get sucked into this stupidity!

linda  2008-05-20 14:00:42

mightypog  2008-05-06 17:06:38
Love the game, played all the way through to the end no problem, lots of saved gold coins. But the tournament thing is a bit disappointing. It was a blow to the ego to get crushed so badly. I assumed I was playing stored games, because really, how are they going to find opponents for you exactly at your level at exactly the same moment in real time? But when I noticed I was getting beat in spite of clearing ht board first and in spite of getting more silver coins, I headed to Google to find out what gives. Turns out there's lots of us. Too bad iWin didn't work out a more equitable system. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

Youcef  2008-04-20 00:38:05
I have got the same thing as you Meesh, I really want to know how to overcome this how to win in this new level, is it the END? any help guys....!!?

Jan  2008-04-11 19:13:46
help where does Jewel Quest 2 store the saved games in windows XP? I had to format my system and save the file but dont know where to place it to get the game to open it again :-( Can someone please email me

John  2008-03-23 12:33:21
And you people VOTE!!!!

Patti Martin  2008-03-02 17:06:24
I love this game. I am on Super Hard, Level 5-6. My problem is that if you accumulate gold coin specials, complete a board - the next board does not carry over any coins you have earned. It starts you back at one gold coin again for the next board. Another thing is that if I happen to go through the 5 lives you are given, the game crashes and tells me there is a problem with it. I have to click "OK" and then start the game over again (fortunately it brings me back to the board I was working on). Does anyone else have these problems?

neena  2007-09-13 14:41:37
wow its really addictive and refreshing...i usually play at night till 1am,,,and its my hobby and i cant go to sleep without playing a few rounds in tournament.thanks for a super game

raul  2007-09-13 20:01:13
como puedo jugar level avanzado

Lane  2007-10-19 23:40:00
For anyone who has experienced the freezing of the game after it loads during the first game: This happens to me every time I start the game up afresh in single player mode. In online tournament mode instead of freezing the sound goes off sometime during the first game. I have found that if I press Alt-tab which minimizes the game, then re-maximize it, it will start up again where it left off or the sound will return. Occasionally that will not work and instead if I hit the "Windows" key it minimizes the game, and when I re-maximize it, it starts up again normally. In fact, I have never had a problem getting it to restart when I use the windows key, so try that first, I guess. Hope this helps someone! :)

Lane  2007-10-19 23:43:18
Oh, and one more thing - once I have gotten it to "un-freeze" or the sound comes back on, it never does it again during that session. However, once I quit and reload it later, it always does the freezing or sound going off thing during the first game until I minimize and re-maximize it.

Lesa  2007-10-24 18:23:05
I have made it to then end of the super hard solo game. I did have some frustrations along the way---stuck on one board for 50 rounds, etc. I have one question, every now and then when I have lots of coins, the number of the coin is covered by the word "special". Nothing seems to happen if I click on it. I don't know why it shows up. Also, I thought it would be cool if the game would give extra points or something special for having reached 100 coins. It's a bit of a let down to get that high and then you don't even get acknowledged for it. Oh well, both my husband and I like this game.

petruha  2007-11-25 12:23:46
the best game

meesh  2007-11-26 16:59:18
i completed the main game then i completed all the super hard levels and then it went on to another super hard level which was the same as super hard except the back tiles turned silver then gold! which was a complete nightmare but i completed that too then i tried it again after completing that and it starts again as super hard but none of the tiles turns gold and once u lose all ur lives it says congrats so i take it i am too hardcore for this game! all i can say that this game was hard work lol which takes alot of patience and a swear box lmao

Florida  2007-11-28 14:38:54
OK people. I am putting it on the table. I am JQ2CHEATS on the tournament board, and I will say without any hesitation that this game's scoring CHEATS you. You get robbed when you are blatantly winning, and "all of the sudden" your opponent gets a flush of coins. If you clear the board out and go to the bonus round, now no matter what you do, the board isn't sending you any coins...WTF? It's not fair, and when you spend the money to download this thing (which is a great game, I will give you that)..it should be fair. I feel as if I am playing at a rigged slot machine sometimes. GAME DEVELOPERS, nice job in cheating your customers. It SUCKS.

moira monaghan  2007-11-29 14:20:53
i got a new computer and the game is telling me my licence key has expired did anyone have that problem

ArlenaZ  2008-07-22 12:14:26
Me and my daughter have played this game in the Tournament mode until we are blue in the face trying to win....check it out, my daughter played for a 6 hour straight session and only a couple of games were won!!!!! Yes ...Florida this game is-a-cheatin!!! But I can't and will not leave it alone...LOL

stm from okc  2008-08-13 09:24:46
I just love it when I am playing against another 'person' in tournament mode that just happens to be another of my own personas. Who will win? Me, myself or I.

super mom from Ohio  2008-07-23 10:16:19
Just read all the blogs and wanted to add a few comments about the game. First of all, I am addicted to it...and I am older! Almost 50! As for cheating....no way. The game adds your points....if you do complex matches, the points are higher. Period! This is for the tournament board. I have played JQ2CHEATS...AND HE IS GOOD! But anyway, the game is not cheating anyone! GET REAL! Why would it? So here are a few tips for newer or frustrated players. Always start on the bottom NEVER the top. Keep your eyes open for coin matches at the top, they come in handy, and once you are in the gold coin mode, stick to the bottom again for matches. NO matter what you will get more gold coins! Good luck all and see you at the match!

Angel  2008-08-19 05:21:14
You are right, meesh, to end winning this game is impossible. When you reach the third super hard, tiles never turn gold.

Know it everybody.

cdub  2008-09-08 21:30:03
I am on superhard level 3-1 and have been playing that level for a few months now. I have gotten down to one block left and my time runs out does anyone know how to get more coins?

Various names on JQ2  2008-09-26 19:34:05
Florida is CORRECT - Super Mom is WRONG - I've been playing the tournament mode since this game came out - it IS FIXED - I know for a fact - but the whole point is to play and enjoy it, right?

TREE  2008-10-12 21:24:41
Is there a way to get through bonus level 3 1-1, the tiles do not turn gold when matches are made.

Rue  2008-10-09 11:41:21
Glad to see I'm not alone. The number of times I've had a leading score, got onto silver mode and then LOST to 'someone' who hasn't even turned the board gold.... it stinks.. and what is the crazy 'up & down' rating? This bears no relation to the game played. I've gone down when I've been way above the global average... that can't be right.

Jolle  2008-10-01 18:20:28
HELP, When I get to the end of the game it won't shut off. I have to just shut off the computer improperly.

Doxoe  2008-10-23 18:02:22
Ok - here's the reality of this game.

IT IS very addictive and fun to play.


You are playing a computer 9 times out of 10, and sometimes, 10 out of 10.

It is impossible to play different players at any time of the day with the same score as you non-stop.


create several nicknames if you don't believe me - you will be playing yourself before you know it - LOL

whatever  2008-10-26 21:12:45
Ok - here's a helpful hint - DO NOT PLAY anyone named MOM or anyone from HOME - you will ALWAYS LOSE - Ok!?

Fantasm  2008-11-07 14:21:13
Tournament mode: It's fake.
Aliases and their locations are generated at random...
I noticed that the same players are on 24 7, They have to be computer generated players. I also noticed a few times, after the game was over, it complains my server is down(wireless is intermittent), yet the game played up to a split second before... showing the online players actions(?) but the network was down for 5 minutes!!!!!!!

Lealan  2008-11-27 22:46:35
I've played this game. I'm kind of one of those compulsive addictive types. But went through everything. All the boards, all the characters, all the monkeys, silver and gold turns and locked jewels... and then nothing... It just goes back to square one again. I feel so ripped off! Still, it is addictive - so i'll see if i can take my score to 10 mill

Khalani  2008-12-27 21:28:08
What is the goal of bonus level 3? I keep making matches and using gold coins to no avail. Then when I loose it says congratulations. Is this the end of the game?

col  2009-01-04 06:01:37
I am on windows xp and think I tend to be playing real players in tournament mode,it takes a few seconds to load up game and I win 4 out of 5 on avarage.My wifes computer is on windows vista her games come up instantly whatever the time of day and her scores are usually higher than mine,yet she looses 9 out of 10 matches?? we have tried swapping computers the result is still the same,xp wins visa looses???

JRH  2009-01-15 16:27:20
It seems no one noticed that there was a mistake in the above entry. The low rating is 100. You only go below that if you quit in the middle of a game.
Mine fluctuates between 100 and 258. If it gets to that point, it falls again very quickly.
Some of my high scores aren't bad, but there seems no consistency. For instance, I might score 11,600 at some level, and not make the global average the next time I play that level.
Have tied about six times, and interestingly get the identical bonus score as my "opponent" quite often.

Julia R. Hindle  2009-01-14 17:28:08
There doesn't seem to be any sense to how players are matched. I beat the average more than fifty percent, and only win about three of ten games. The ratings mean little, you can always start back high with a new name. If you play against someone with a very different rating, yours doesn't change. So if you lose more often to someone with a similar rating, and win against someone with a very different rating, yours will gradually approach zero. You only go lower than zero if you quit in the middle of a game.
There must be different game versions. I can't get anything except letters to show up in the name and from boxes, but other people get punctuation marks, etc. to display.
I think you play against a canned game, or is there a way like with instant messaging that keeps the connection open as long as the game is in progress?

Roller Coaster Scores  2009-02-18 08:27:18
to pat, if the registration key was lost from the literature with the CD you bought, go back to the store where you bought it. If you bought it on line, contact customer service for the company you bought it from.
When I reinstall, I just type in already own this game, and it works.

reign  2009-01-29 12:16:39
anyone know what this 302 found error means? i just been getting it the last 3 days in Tournament

ruthimaus1  2009-01-31 01:00:26
To reign: Have you tried reinstalling your game?

pat coatne  2009-02-16 18:48:50
anyone know the key for this game i bought it in july and i can't play and they want me to buy on line and i have already bought it please help

Julia  2009-02-11 02:32:39
If anyone knows who JAN CERNY CZ OF NACHOD USA NC is, please ask this person to tell us how to achieve consistently high scores. That name has appeared more times than any other in the High Score of the Day.
Also, I'd like to know the rating for the people who achieve High Score of the Day. Do they manage to maintain something over a thousand, or do they yo-yo down to 100 like the rest of the crowd?

jbow from Anacoartes  2009-03-14 10:35:42
I am so glad I found this site... I thought I was going crazy while playing this game. It is nice to know that everyone else has the same issues I have with this rigged game. I finish before my opponant, but they get more silver coins and higher ratings than me on my Vista PC. When I gto down to a 100 score, I noticed when I logged out of one nickname and onto another and them back agiain, my score went back up to 1500. I was winning more when we had only one user on this machine. When we established 3 users, I consistently lost.

Disgusted  2009-03-16 00:38:35
OK here is the latest gripe. This tournament mode is determined to bring your rating to its lowest point. When I win against someone only 400 points higher, no change in rating occurs. Now I tied with someone with a lower rating and my rating was dropped 4 points. I guess the computer thinks if you have a higher score you should win, so tying is equal to losing.

I think there are different versions of the game, maybe I should buy one from a different vendor and see what happens. I'd like to try the one that let's you print other things besides letters for name and location like #$&@***!!!!

ellisc  2009-03-19 20:19:08
I have been stuck on super hard level 3-6 FOREVER!!!! Any help would be GREAT!!!!

BLB  2009-03-19 21:52:57
to ellisc:
You are not in the tournament mode, right? You are on a journey.
Try to collect specials and don't use them unless absolutely necessary.
I collected about 50 of them, and they were great when the right pieces just would not fall in the allotted time in some tricky corner.

Deb  2009-03-23 12:25:21
I do believe the game is rigged too. It seems a little odd that when you start the tournament mode you win like crazy until you hit about 1000. Then for some reason even though the other player dosen't clear the board "they win". I love the game but COME ON. If you start out again under another name again you all of a sudden start winning again. Jewel Quest needs to fix the glitches and get real.

Nc  2009-03-25 16:48:46
I just started this game. How do you know when the monkey's are going to be a - or a + ?

Julia  2009-03-25 19:45:03
What monkeys? Am I playing the same game?

TF  2009-03-27 16:20:30
I love this game,but come on how does the other player get so many silver coins.I have cleared the board way before them and they still win.

BLB  2009-03-28 19:59:21
To TF:
The secret to high scores is to make matches of more than 3, and involving a cascade effect. However, since you can't see what jewels are on the other guy's board, you have no way of checking if that person is really making super complicated matches. This is why several people have playing names like "The game is rigged", "JQ2 cheats", etc. Just have fun and see how high you can bring your PERSONAL BEST

Jim  2009-03-28 22:58:19
BLB, you are wrong. It cheats. Period. I crush mental games. Assuming the average person playing tournament is of average intelligence, I should be crushing them too. I have won ONE game out of, I dunno, 100. The odds of that, statistically, are, well, none. Either the game cheats, or if you really are playing against a real opponent, somehow they have a bot (automated program) playing for them. You see, out of that many game, at least a few should be against someone that had the phone ring or the doorbell, or a kid start crying, etc. I know I had all those happen at least once. Nothing like it does, though. The opponent will be way behind on squares and then either get a huge rush and pass you or not even bother and as you get to the coins it just keeps tooling along because it is so far ahead of you.

Deb  2009-04-01 08:59:36
I really like this game but it is rigged. It is so strange when you start moving faster through the Tournament Mode the game also speeds up. You always seem to win at first then after you get beyond 1000 points you win once in a while. It is a shame and I don't understand why they feel a need to "cheat" people. Very unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia  2009-04-02 20:56:08
Hi Deb, I think the designers of the game have their own logic. The game is scored supposedly like a chess match. But, since there is not a fixed set of game pieces to plan your strategy, the rsults are not similar to results in chess. It would have been better to have a handicap such as in golf, to determine what players are at a similar skill level, based on how fast you clear the board, what percentage wins you have, how many silver coins you can get.
The rating is pointless because you don't know how many times the person has started over. There is also no listing of the rating for the people who get high score of the day, so you don't know if the made it at a high or low point in their rating. It still is an addictive game, and sometimes there is a surprise and the computer cheats in your favor.

PATTY  2009-05-27 04:03:19
I am stuck on Super Hard 3-1. Can anyone help me? Any clues or hints? Thanks.

PATRICIa  2009-06-21 23:53:56
Ellisc, I too am on 3-6 Super Hard, and cannot complete it. Did you do it yet, and if so, any hints? I can get only 4 or 5 specials if I am lucky which makes it so much more difficult. Any help will be appreciated.

moto  2009-06-27 15:07:42
The bonus section is indeed super hard. The super moves don't roll over to the next level - you start with one special move. I am stuck on bonus 3-7 and find the best technique is to focus on clearing one side of the board forcing the gold coins to drop in a concentrated area. You won't win unless you have accumulated 4 or more gold coins. Then it is up to luck if you will win the level.

Kathy  2009-08-28 10:15:05
I love this game but on two occasions I noticed that I was playing myself. I have three names that I play by. I am guessing that if the machine wants you to win you will and if not then SORRY.. It is not another person you are playing but a machine.

san  2009-07-31 11:29:58
I can't get pass level 3-6 superhard, is there a trick, it's been two months but i don't want to start over

Julia  2009-10-25 19:24:26
What has happened to tournament mode? I keep playing against people who don't finish their game, and my rating has gone back to over 1000 even though my scores aren't that hot, not even personal best.

Julia  2009-11-19 19:40:18
This is weird. My rating is now above 2000 and I am winning lots of games, but scores still deplorable for most part. Anyone out there have any answers as to how to get better scores. Some people are getting them unless the computer makes them up.

Dean  2009-12-04 09:21:11
how doe's the ranking work? I was ranked 128 then won 50 games in a row now I am 945. I think I should be closer to #1. sow how doe's this work???

Ruthimaus1  2009-12-15 07:40:48
For Dean, the rating goes up if you win against someone whose rating is fairly close to yours (or down if you lose). If there is more than 400 or so points difference, there is no change in your rating. The interesting thing is if you tie, and your rating was higher, you still drop a couple of points.
Hope that helps.

carma  2010-01-23 19:34:04
i am on bonus level 3 1-1 how to i get the tiles to turn gold

david s  2010-02-15 11:53:39
Can anyone help carma (and me!) I'm stuck in the same place, The tiles wont go gold or silver. Help please

leho  2010-03-02 15:29:21
Please help carma, david s and me!!! I'm also stuck on bonus level 3 1-1. Any hints?? Do they ever turn into gold? Thanks

Jim  2010-04-10 23:46:35
Tournament mode doesn't cheat. It appears that you guys just aren't as good as you think. I win about 75% of my games, sometimes without completing the board, simply because I get a ton of matches, but not many coins. Try a new strategy rather than blaming the game.

Pixels  2010-11-08 18:47:54
I too am stuck on 3 1-1 ... try as I might no matter what I do the tiles don't change colour. Then when you run out of lives it says CONGRATULATIONS?? WTF? If it's the end of the game please tell me so I can stop doing my head in trying to pass a level that can't be passed ...

ladylevi  2010-12-02 21:13:21
I too have completed the super hard level and the next level also does not change colors. Dont know if this is supposed to be some kind of impossible level or not. Help if you know the answer please. Thanks

S.Myron  2011-10-22 01:41:30
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UtilmFlubFelF  2012-04-28 22:49:23
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Mrs. P  2012-10-26 18:50:43
OMG!!!!! I hate this game....no I love this game...no I hate it...love it ....hate it....love it.....It's one of the most frustrating games I have ever played yet it sucks me into the black hole every time....meaning....i am quite the addict at this point. What's so frustrating....the crashes after 3 or 4 winnings in a row.....the scoring.....beat someone...win 9 points....lose to someone....lose 14 points....getting up to 2300 points and playing someone with 5000 points....how the heck do they get to that score????? UGGGH...I don't know...i think its a lost cause but.....i'll keep trying :)

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Двери с каким покрытием и наполнением лучше устанавливать в ванну и платьеИх дозволительно испытывать вдруг разночтения сдвижных, однако с одной важной оговоркой – им не нужно дополнительное околоток ради открывания – ни в стене, ни около нее.ПВХ пленка.Все следует учитывать горний степень гигроскопичности еловых досок – чтобы увеличения срока службы их непременно надлежит обрабатывать соответствующими химикатами.Такие блоки служат для возведения стен и перегородок, заполнения проемов каркасных конструкций.Основные данные о стройматериалах приведены в таблице:Профнастил С-14Здесь рабство прямая — чем больше цинка, тем лучше ради здоровья листа. магазин строительных материалов строительные материалы купить гибкая черепица Каждый из видов блоков имеет свою сферу предпочтительного применения, только совершенно они способны заменить кирпич, сиречь в жилом, так и промышленном строительстве.ПВХ пленка.Экологичным экошпон называется по той причине, который он химически инертен и не содержит в своем составе хлоридов – это нераздельно из критериев которым дозволительно руководствоваться, решая сколько лучше – двери ПВХ или экошпон.Хвойная вагонкаПреимуществом изготовленной таким методом вагонки является отлучка внутренних механических напряжений материала.Платье профиля — трапеция.Ясность полотна двериОтдельный фиксатор

Decorabepe  2017-12-15 10:46:18
Правило действия такой же, будто у замка со встроенным фиксатором, однако непосредственно уловка надежнее и требует маломальски больших усилий быть монтаже в дверное дорога – когда запрещать эту услугу врозь, то разность в цене будет приблизительно в два раза.Благодаря природной мягкости этого дерева, оно чаще используется чтобы получения вагонки с округлыми формами.Какой система открывания двери лучшеВ таких профилях могут обретаться отверстия через сучков диаметром больше двух сантиметров, сквозные трещины и смоляные кармашки, засмоленности и прорости, пораженные насекомыми участки, несоответствие окраски.Только быть воздействии острыми предметами пленку свободно повредить. Шпон.Вагонка «Блокхаус»Двери из массиваСопоставление блоков применяемых для возведения стен искусственный камень клинкерный кирпич для фасада базальтовая кладочная сетка Прочность и износостойкостьПустоты заполняются картонным сотовым наполнителем, а сверху всё обшиваются МДФ панелями, для которые и наносится ПВХ пленка.Чем выше теплопроводность, тем меньше тепла он может сохранить в доме и тем толще теплоизоляцию должен устанавливать для стенах.кладочные блоки;Двери покрытые ПВХ пленкойМарка и толщина стального листа, из которого сделан профнастилЭкошпон.смеси для заливки в опалубку на месте;

Decorabepe  2017-12-23 13:05:18
Когда они изготовлены из хвойных пород, то разрешается засмоленность поверхности.Но в зоне плотной застройки больших ветровых нагрузок не предвидится, поэтому и чрезмерной прочности на изгиб от листа не требуется.в небольшом количестве.По экономическим показателям изрядно дороже, чем С-8, однако дольше сохраняет видный пейзаж и не поддается случайным деформирующим усилиям.Быть промышленном способе производства соединение заливается в формы и прессуется вибрационным способом.Стыковка производится на микрошип, а само поместье соединения точный проклеивается и накануне высыхания клея удерживается около давлением.Керамзитобетонные блокиВнутренняя номер изготавливается либо из цельного массива менее дорогого сорта древесины, либо из ДСП и МДФ. кирпич купить цена оголовки на забор Стеновые материалы Покрытие из пластизолаДопустимы.Производится из песка, цемента и воды с добавлением пенообразователей.ПВХ пленка.Заборы для открытой местности могут подчиняться ветровому воздействию, которое может продолжаться кончено значительным, учитывая тот факт, который городьба из профнастила создает сплошную преграду движению воздушных потоков.крупноформатные монтажные блоки.Воеже определить какие двери лучше: шпонированные, ламинированные тож ПВХ, мы сравним причина материалы отделки по ряду параметров.Какую фурнитуру лучше пользоваться ради дверей в ванну и туалет

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ShawnDub  2018-10-17 18:19:50
Поскольку блокирование выезда и въезда другому транспорту является прямым нарушением закона, то водитель заблокированного авто может смело звонить в 102 и вызывать милицию с ГАИ. Погрузка на платформу бывает частичной alias полной.Безусловно, спешный вызов спецтехники ради транспортировки обездвиженного автомобиля alias мотоцикла – это самая популярная и распространенная помощь, которую оказывают компании с подобного рода деятельностью. Священнодействие эвакуации работает в любое эпоха возраст, круглосуточно, без выходных. Сильная эмоциональность довольно работать напротив Вас, отвлекая через основных моментов. Оснащенные им эвакуаторы практически универсальны. Второй разночтение – вроде дозволено заранее предупредить сотрудников службы, что помощь больше не нужна. А ради того, для забрать оттуда частный автомобиль, его владельцу придется платить немалый штраф. Изрядный автопарк (наличие разной специализированной техники позволяет отгадывать абсолютно любые ситуации, сложившиеся в дороге.15 Март 2017 с ломаной платформой (спецтехника дополняется манипулятором, идеален, буде авто может взъехать наверх сам);Включите «аварийку», выйдите из машины и установите знамение аварийной остановки (не меньше 15 метров через транспортного имущество в населенных пунктах и не меньше 30 метров – вне населенных пунктов). Бывают такие случаи, сколько из-за суеты забыли заправить автомобиль. Техпомощь приедет в течении 30 минут или немного дольше в зависимости от места назначения. Позвоните нам и отмените заказ, если вы нашли порядок ремонта, помощь, противоположный вариант эвакуации сиречь перевозки. Враз помните, который часто «простой неправильной стоянки» недостаточно. Погрузка осуществляется лебедкой сиречь краном-манипулятором. Проба услуг и безопасность транспортного имущество быть погрузке и транспортировке мы гарантируем. Используется исключительно спецтранспорт с полным методом погрузки. В отдельную группу позволительно отнести перевозку с помощью низкорамных эвакуаторов.Вариантов, конечно же, несколько. Не перемещайте автомобиль и примите все возможные меры по сохранению следов и предметов, относящихся к ДТП предварительно приезда сотрудников ГАИ, как бы Вас не просили участники происшествия alias водители, попавшие из-за ДТП в пробку. Это только верное приговор в сложившейся ситуации. Важность и габариты минивэнов, сопоставимые с характеристиками внедорожников, позволяют отнести их к категории грузовых транспортных средств, однако их бесконечно почасту делают на базе шасси легковых машин.

ShawnDub  2018-10-20 17:39:14
у авто имеются серьезные неисправности;Вызвать эвакуатор в Минске и Минской области, а также присутствие необходимости в всякий второй город страны дозволительно в компании «Емеля». Всетаки есть ограничения по скорости и максимальному расстоянию эвакуации методом частичной погрузки. Назначить дату и время. В этом случае требуется специальная техника, оснащенная краном-манипулятором и выездной платформой. Также оформить требование, указав всегда эти данные, позволительно онлайн для нашем сайте. Исходя из этого он готовит весь необходимое ради перевозки, берет оборудование, которое поможет максимально сохранить текущее состояние автомобиля при эвакуации. В нем указано (голова 25 – «Буксировка механических ТС»), сколько около ней:Разновидности автоэвакуаторов Если платформа сдвижнаяящики ради инструментов;Ситуаций, сообразно которым транспорт может непредвиденно нет из строя, целое множество: через элементарно пробитой шины и отсутствия запаски иначе резко закончившегося топлива прежде неисправности авто разве чего хуже – ДТП. Эвакуация - действие виновный и трудный, потому рекомендуем заказывать услуги в нашей компании «Емеля», где мы работаем с надежной спецтехникой и квалифицированными специалистами. В это эра трудятся диспетчеры, согласовывается, кто поедет выручать ваш автомобиль с учетом веса ТС, габаритов, особенностей ситуации. В городе эту проблему дозволено решить. Авария.

Williamedure  2018-10-22 15:17:37
Одно позволительно сказать с уверенностью, который стоимость контента довольно расти, качество контента довольно падать, а требования к контенту со стороны поисковых систем будут все выше и выше- сколько вы предлагаете;И безвыездно же, без помощи опытных специалистов добиться надлежащего качества будет разительно сложно:Сей сервис анализирует публичные сообщения в социальных сетях и находит среди них запросы пользователей, заинтересованных в определенных услугахОсобенно усердным авторам грозят санкции Google и Яндекса - РуководствоРаскрытие сути решения:То лопать категории, способные доход кладезь трафика, спрятаны чрезмерно глубоко в других категорияхБолее того, семантика в принципе — это просто набор фраз — не дает значимого преимущества бизнесу без внедрения ее на сайт,Для нас это колоссально интересный попытка, ведь в какой-то степени такая способ оплаты даёт больше возможностей исполнителю

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