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Game Review   2008-07-18


JeweliXJeweliX - the gem of your game collection!

Absolutist is happy to present to you JeweliX - a new game combining elements of marble popper and simulation game play. You are welcome to the world of beautiful jewelry, picky customers and commercial success where everything depends on your sharp eye, strategic thinking and communication skills. You will have a great opportunity to run your own jewelry shop creating wonderful jewelry and selling it to demanding customers.

Your Uncle Pierre has left you some heritage. Actually, it's his most precious possession - jewelry store! Excited?

JeweliX But when you enter your new shop, you notice that not everything is that great as you might think - the store is very shabby and there is no jewelry to sell. But, of course, you won't be left alone without any means of existence. You have a set of materials and tools to create jewelry - and this process is quite addictive.

The game play can be divided into to parts - producing the jewelry and selling it, each with its characteristics and advantages. You will produce beautiful jewelry out of a large variety of gems, from amber to diamonds, by playing more than 90 marble popping levels. While the basic principles of game play are inspired by such hit games as Zuma and Luxor, JeweliX has some awesome features that are bound to grab your attention for quite a while.

JeweliX On each level you have several rows of gems to remove by shooting at them with a gem of the same color. Your task is to collect a necessary number of gems to create a piece or set of jewelry for the corresponding level. As soon as you do that you will be given bonus time to try to remove as many gems as possible. What distinguishes the game from other marble poppers is the possibility in some levels to aim over the nearest rows to reach the farthest ones. Besides, some levels offer two spots to place your gem slinger, among which you can choose depending on the shot convenience.


Naturally, the difficulty of such levels grows as you progress in the game, and the jewelry you produce also becomes more elaborate and expensive. That is important, for the customers that come to you will demand more and more exquisite goods, and you will have to satisfy their tastes.

JeweliXHere we come to the second part of game, which is not less important and engaging. I am talking about selling the jewelry you have produced. As you have a store, it is natural that customers come to you from time to time searching for best jewelry. Sometimes between marble popping levels you will see New Customer button gleaming red. In this case you may go to the customer and talk to him/her. You will meet more than 10 customers, each with his/her personality, tastes and preferences. What is great, the story of each customer and their relationships unwraps on your eyes, so you can follow all the varieties of people's fortune. And those are not only usual people, but even a Princess and a Sheikh. And your commercial success with them will depend totally on the way you talk to them, as in each step of your dialogue you can choose what to say.

Tip: If a customer wants some jewelry you have already sold, you can always replay the respective level to create the needed pieces.

When you earn some money the best way to spend it is to upgrade your store. As you remember, in the beginning it is very shabby and modest. You have a wonderful chance to make it shining and state-of-the-art if you work effectively enough.

One thing I must mention is the graphics of the game. JeweliX can boast striking visuals complemented with relaxing sounds that will maximize the pleasure of playing the game.

I think JeweLiX is a perfect choice for both arcade lovers and those who wish to test their selling abilities and strategic thinking - a magnificent blend of genres for everyone!

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Game Review   2008-07-18


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