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Game Review   2006-10-11


Kenny's Adventure - Underwater Journey in Search of a Magical Crystal


In this game everything is simple - Kenny, the title character begins his a journey to the underwater world to carry out archaeological research of extreme importance.


This game is not only entertaining, but also good for training one's memory and ingenuity. It suits players at practically any age and IQ rate.


At each level a player's task is to collect a certain number of artifacts and find a secret place with the bathyscaphe.


Kenny's Adventure playfieldYou'll go through more than 60 levels to finally obtain the lost magical crystal.


It is the most convenient to operate a diver using the keyboard. To move Kenny in different directions, just use arrow keys, and press CTRL to throw stones. But you may use  mouse control as well. A small red arrow you'll see on the screen will show you the way to move the character.



In order to pass a level you are to find a certain number of artifacts and get to the bathyscaphe waiting for you. Beware of a limited oxygen supply, so you shouldn't really waste your time. It's essential that you find and pick spare oxygen cylinders - it all depends on how attentive you are on your way.


Threats one can run into at each level are various (from simple lobsters to huge water bombs!) and of course the playfield is getting more dangerous with each level).


Beware of Bombs

Naturally, not everything on Kenny's way will go smoothly - undersea inhabitants are not always friendly. You should be aware of poisonous jellyfishes, morays, sea-urchins, sharks and octopuses. You might also run into mines, poisonous drops (have no idea how come those be here, undersea?), and sharp prickles. ... In general, you'll surely have to be all eyes to avoid every enemies and dangers listed above, while getting treasures and hurrying up to the bathyscaphe.


However, there will be some help and assistance for you. You can push off the air bubbles in order to be elevated to the height you need. You can use springing jellyfishes as trampolines  (they can easily be distinguished from poisonous ones by their white color and special tips). Stones are a perfect way to defeat all your enemies, but they need to be collected first. Just throw them into any creature that threatens you. You'll not necessarily kill it, but surely chase it away. If you throw stones into bomb, they'll explode. Don't stand too close or you'll get hurt - and that's gonna be the end of your story. 


Use air bubbles, white jellyfishes and turtles to overcome all the unpleasant obstacles such as too high cliffs, abysses and minefields.


Sea turtles on your way will be of a great help to you. You can get on their armor and cross such traps as minefields or deep abysses, a bit slowly but safely and confidently!


Collect jewels, coins and treasure chests to score more points. Find oxygen cylinders and spare lives to extend your playing time and succeed.


Grab it, Kenny!And bonuses, of course! There is no adventure game without bonuses. First of all, all your way will be literally covered with coins, both gold and silver.


You can get more of them if you jump on a lobster - this will immediately turn him into coins you are so willing to collect. You'll also find plenty of chests stuffed with treasures and precious jewels. Pick air cylinders and life bonuses, that you will encounter more seldom.


In conclusion all I can say that the game's only drawback is the lack of developer's fantasy used to make it more different from other undersea adventure games (like Turtle Odyssey, for example). But it's pretty cute and entertaining! So give it a try and make your own contribution in archeological research.:)))



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Game Review   2006-10-11


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Ddddddddddooooobbbbbbbb  2006-11-01 04:49:21
There's really nice graphic in this game

JANIS MONROE  2006-12-13 18:23:50

Atlanta  2007-01-01 21:51:27
This website is tite!!!

Kinga  2012-02-18 01:14:16
Very ifovrmatine article. You really grabbed my interest with the way you cleverly featured your points. I agree with most of your content and I'm analyzing some areas of interest.

Dyllon  2012-06-28 12:16:09
My 8 year old daughter got this for Christmas. She was ineretsted in horses and I thought this would be educational and hold her interest. She LOVES this game. It is not too hard for her 6 year old sister to play with her and it is interesting enough that her Dad and I don't get bored with it. She has even played it alone. There are 3 playing options and though we have played all three, the first is the most popular and easiest. The other two options require keeping track of the horses breed and traits. That is too much work for our younger daughter but the 8yo thrives on it. We have played this game hundreds of times since Christmas and easily every day for six months. Both girls got tons of gifts for Christmas. This was the most used, most loved. After a game, the girls like to just read the horse cards and sort them and arrange them. With the variety of playing options I can see where they can enjoy it for years to come. A must buy for your horse fan.

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