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Game Review   2007-10-05


Kudos Rock Legend

Kudos Rock Legend - Strategy Guide to Success


Kudos (… from the Greek κύδος kydos (literally "that which is heard of") means "fame" and "renown" resulting from an act or achievement. Extending "kudos" to another individual is often done as a praising remark(Wikipedia).


So, everybody has dreamt of becoming a superstar once in their life. If you say you don’t have this sort of dreams, it might mean one of two options: either you forgot about it, or you are already a superstar.

Kudos: Rock Legend - Writing a Song

Still it’s good to get back on the

path of dreams and get to the point where your dream and reality parted. This is quite possible with simulation games – the best medicine that lets you pull off the stressful reality by experiencing somebody else’s worries and happiness.

Kudos Rock Legend by Positech Games is this kind of medicine. Generally speaking, this is a training course that will plunge you in the life of rock group: from the very first stage of stardom and hopefully to the top of your career(it totally depends on you if you get there).

While playing this game, you will have to make your choices every step you take – just like in real life. So, what is life of the rock band is? It’s not “wine, sex, rock-n-roll”, but tiring rehearsals, song writing, talent hunt, music practicing, promotion and hard-hard work.


You will know it just as you look at the main menu of Kudos 2.

1 The current to-do list for today is the first item to the right. No matter how tensed schedule you can have, you will always be tempted to have a day off and relax. Though you really should do this from time to time, you are not advised to abuse it.

Kudos Main Menu

2. In order that you form an organic band, you should hire talents. First of all, be sure to pick a drummer, and a guitarist for your band. Afterwards, you can find new people who play other instruments – to make you sound richer. TIP at auditions: choose the musicians so, they will have different positive traits to avoid conflicts in your band, and provide for more rapid popularity growth(It’ll be good to choose a peacemaker, an optimist, and of course, somebody photogenic and sociable – who will like to give interviews).

3. Song writing is of course, the primary activity of the group. The quality of the songs you write is partly determined by the current level of your inspiration. So, should you like to raise it or get an inspiration for some new trends, it’s good to visit the gig of some other band. But you can also improve the song yourself. This can be done as you perform a color match of the last note of the tact with the first note of the next tact.


You should write new songs to have something new to perform at gigs and not get people bored with your old songs, and to record new CDs.

Musical Practice in Kudos Rock Legend

4. Music practicing – this is my favorite part. You will listen to some simple and short melody that can be played using the number keys. Afterwards you will have to play it exactly as it was. This is a good way to raise inspiration and reduce stress.

5. Rehearsing is a good way to improve your band skills, and raise the confidence of musicians in what they do. Be sure to rehears on the regular basis. For the place to rehearse, always choose the best option available. Don’t make people suffer in a smelly and stuffy garage if you can afford a comfy studio. Rehearsing is a must before a gig.

6.Giving a gig. The only way to raise your popularity and get to the top of your career is to show yourself to your audience.



Of course, you should perform at gigs. And while you don’t have money to rent a super concert hall, you will start to perform at little Joe’s bar with few people. But as you become more popular and earn more, you can move to a bigger and more promising place. In order to prepare for a gig, you need to rent a place, give out flyers near the neighboring bars and stick the posters announcing the gig. The latter activities will raise your stress and reduce your inspiration, this is why it’ll be good to take a day off and rehearse to keep your band in a good musical shape.

When you move on and play long enough to earn some money, you can record a CD or buy new equipment for your band.

Kudos reveals a new life full of opportunities. If you plunge into it and go with what it has to offer, it opens new horizons in front of you. So, if you always plan your actions ahead and work organically with others, you will see what it is to make a success. But this seems to be a success formula that works in real life as well…

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Game Review   2007-10-05


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