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Game Review   2009-03-20


Lost in The CityLost in The City - Love and Hate Often Go Together

Lost in The City is a thrilling quest game with a completely engaging story, addictive game play and high quality graphics. Though some of the features might be annoying, on the whole the game is definitely worth trying.

Lovely girls are dangerous sometimes. Don't agree? Listen to the story I tell you!

Lost in The CityIt is called "The gloomiest story of love and hate", and I'm rather prone to agree. Though it begins very innocently - the main hero meets a beautiful girl named April, who suggested their dating. They spent a wonderful evening in a cafe, and she invited him to her place to have some coffee. Everything went smoothly until he sipped his coffee and felt the strange taste it had... He came to himself in a very strange place with a message on a wall.

The message was even stranger than the place, and it doesn't say anything particular, but gives some instructions to fulfill. Following those, the heroes gets to the next room where he learns some more about where he is and what he should do to get out of the terrifying and weird game he found himself part of. As time passes, things will become much clearer, and his love for April will turn to something absolutely different. But before he knows the truth, he'll have to fulfill lots of strange (that word again ;)) tasks and survive some extreme dangers. But I'll let you discover the whole story by yourself and talk about the game play instead.

Lost in The CityFor each chapter you'll have a number of tasks to complete. Some of them are presented in a strict sequence and some can be fulfilled in any order. They are mostly connected with finding some items in the screen or using some items already found, which is not unusual at all. Though most of the items are rather conspicuous, some of the actions will require deep thinking, so there is enough challenge in the game. There are also some mini-games, mostly jigsaw puzzles, to make the game play a bit more diverse.

One thing that makes the whole game even more challenging is the fact that you are nervous. And with each wrong action, just a tiny misclick, you become more and more nervous. Bright side - when you do something right, you recollect your poise. Beware of the yellow meter and  be careful in clicking to unnecessary spots - otherwise you might end up with no nerve at all. In this case you'll have to start the chapter again - and after several times it can become rather annoying, I must admit. But aside from this the game is really catching.

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Game Review   2009-03-20


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