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Game Review   2017-09-17


Lost Lands: Ice SpellLost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition 


Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition is a new adventure for the hidden object puzzle adventure genre fans. While we enjoy the cooler weather, the lost lands are in the deep cold of winter. Join Susan on this journey in search of the warmth!



When you are done with the man game, there is a bonus chapter to explore!


Lost Lands: Ice Spell

If you played any of the games from the Lost Lands series, you know that Susan. This time, she is back in the lost lands world to help Maaron, the Alchemist Mage, and the citizens get back to their normal life.


Lucy, I mean, Susan gets transported (in her pajamas again) through a portal to see that everyone is doing their best to stay warm. While the elders think that the spirit of the Frozen Mountain is to blame for this, she digs deeper to find out that the answer lies in the ancient past of the Lost Lands.


Lost Lands: Ice Spell

When you are done with the man game, there is a bonus chapter to explore! It is a beautiful fantasy game with many cozy scenes to visit. The land is under the snow and you can almost feel the warmth of the indoors. The videos seem to be a better quality than the scenes for some reason.


Lost Lands: Ice Spell

Susan gets help from Maaron and Folnur, a dwarf that accompanies her on this journey. This game is full of activities for you gameplay wise. The hidden object scenes are mostly progressive silhouettes just like the other Lost Lands games and even games from other series.


The puzzles are fun and come in a good variety. They are not extremely easy and will be fun for most of the players. The developers is pretty generous with the Collector's Edition extras that you get when you buy their games.


You get to collect several different items, like owls, mittens, icicles, stained glass fragments, golden horse statues, and manuscripts. You need to pay attention and not miss morphing objects (30). On top of that, you get to earn 21 achievements. When you are done with the game, you can enjoy all the media extras, like wallpapers, videos etc.


It is a wonderful fantasy game that you need to see if you are a HOPA player!

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Game Review   2017-09-17


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This is Lost Lands: Ice Spell review. Download this game here.