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Game Review   2007-10-30


Luxor 3 Game Download

Marble Shooter of Epic Proportions


Believe me, I was very concerned about picking the game that would be up-to-date for Halloween night. And here's what we've got - maybe not the spookiest game ever, but one of the most absorbing titles our world has seen...


Meet the third installment of world-renowned game series- Luxor 3. While the world is obsessed with hidden object hunting and complicated simulation games, MumboJumbo(developer and publisher of the game) serves unpredictable game fans with a simple yet absorbing marble-shooting game.



So, speaking about the gameplay in Luxor 3, there's nothing new about the basic martble-popping levels.


Just like in the two previous versions, you are to remove the series of moving marbles by shooting them out with the marbles.


Luxor 3 Game Download

Once you form a sequence of at least 3 marbles of the same color, they will be removed.


According to the storyline, the soul of a young deceased pharaoh cannot reach afterlife until a pyramid for the pharaoh is completed. So, while being between the Earth and skies, a pharaoh must help the Gods of Egyptian realm oppose Set, the god of chaos aiming to destroy the kingdom. So, you will be helping the soul of the young pharaoh on numerous missions. And on each one you'll have the same task- stop Set's scarabs pushing the marbles to the exit of the level.

But luckily the game has much more challenges than simple marble-shooting. In all-new puzzle levels your task will be to remove all the static marble chains on the playing field with a limited number of marbles. Very challenging and refreshing experience! Frankly, I had to replay some puzzle levels for several times before I figured out the correct sequence of moves.


So in order to give you a picture of the way Luxor's made since the time of the 1st version release, let's just have a look at the screenshots.


Luxor 3 Game Download

As you see, the main thing that's changed in Luxor with time are the game's visuals.


With every version being released, Luxor gets closer to the graphical effects and stereo of a movie. I guess in the future Mumbo Jumbo will come up with something to produce an impression of the real marbles moving on the floor of your room(a joke).


Anyway, the video effects and sound of the game are state of art. Nobody will argue that.


Terrific Egyptian-themed backdrops with numerous flashes and breathtaking realistic animation will keep you glued to the screen.


Luxor 3 Game Download

But for an unpretentious player like me, there is too much flashes and splashes on the screen.

Anyway, the bright graphics don't distract you from the gameplay - it only makes you plunge deeper into the game. Stylish backdrops of water gardens, pyramid paintings, ancient-egyptian shop, water snake - make this game a must-see and must-play title.

As always, you will be rewarded with power-ups for successful shots. But what's new about Luxor 3 is that you'll be able to purchase power-ups yourself in the all-new upgrade shop(worth visiting even if you haven't earned enough coins for a single power-up).

So, if I were to judge game titles, I would give Luxor 3 AAA. A must-see, must-hear, must-play title. Any objections?

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Game Review   2007-10-30


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Nato  2008-04-06 04:44:08
Hi everybody thanks for helping me out :-)

Iґm from germany xD

RASHAD0007  2007-11-01 07:43:13
Hi ,after too long time I found NEW CHEAT FOR Luxor 3
{in the full game} if you go to
{C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MumboJumbo\Luxor 3\Profiles}
in your pc , you will find there your profile of luxor 3
you can open the profile with Notepad tool , you will
find in the 5th line the AnkhCoin {gold rings} number
you can change them ,example: 5555, you can buy all the store .
{if you but too high number maybe the game not works so save a copy to this file before doing any thing}
other thing , in this file at 38th line you will find your score , you can put there 20,000,000.
last thing if you go to the game files to {PowerupRules}
you can change little things about the Power up tools
example the {cost,duration,Weight,speed modifier,etc}

I have the {PowerupRules} file with nice changes if any body need it please write your e-mail in review or send your e-mail to me :rashad0007@hotmail.com

Melina  2007-11-14 12:41:22

Caroline  2007-11-25 06:27:30

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This is Luxor 3 review. Download this game here.