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Game Review   2008-11-18


Luxor 4Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife - Back to Egypt for Adventures

The new title of the famous Egypt-themed series of action puzzlers has been released, and it's time to enjoy the next part of the Nile adventures from MumboJumbo. You will once more plunge into the mysterious world where ancient Gods are alive and active and all the legends are true.

Do you believe in afterlife? Actually, it doesn't matter, because it definitely believes in you!

Luxor 4Otherwise why would the spirit of Nefertiti, the legendary Queen, ask you for help in the desperate situation it found itself? And the situation is really complex, as some mortal villains have desecrated the tombs of the Queen and her beloved husband Akhenaton, and now their canopic jars cannot be filled and their afterlife is disturbed. Nefertiti's ka life force and ba soul can't join her eternal akh spirit, and she can't resurrect Akhenaton without your help - nothing extraordinary, isn't it? So you, as the only bloodline descendant of the royal dynasty (that's you, didn't you know?), start your quest in order to help the couple lay to rest. The story continues to unwrap around you as you chase the thiefs, and you become really engaged in it, as well as in the game play.

Luxor 4And let's talk a little about the game process. As in the first three parts, basic game play consists of shooting stones and removing lines of three or more with the help of a moving wing shooter. You can choose your level of difficulty (the options are Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane), but I would recommend to start from the first one, because even the "easy" levels are challenging enough, especially for an unexperienced marble popper. Each level features several trains of stones to be removed, and if you are not fast enough to eliminate the first ones, you will have more than one on the screen at the same time. This makes the game much harder as these trains interfere with each other and prevent you from correct aiming in addition to other 3D objects doing the same. There are also different game modes. For example, in Battle you don't keep the line away from the pit, but vice versa, your task is to push it there while competing with an on-screen rival. Quite an interesting twist, I should say.

As in the first parts, the game is full of bonuses and power-ups. The most useful of them fall to your shooter after each third match in a row, and all you have to do is catch them - and use, of course! These include fireballs, lightnings, slow-down bonuses and other great things that make your life easier. After you destroy a train of balls or complete a level a lot of precious crystals and ankh coins will be there for you to catch. They add you points and are used as currency in the store where upgrades, new sets of balls and alternative wing shooters are available for purchase. Nothing pragmatic, just a bit of pleasure added to your game experience.

The aspect that has always distinguished the series from other games of the genre is present in Quest for the Afterlife, and even better than usual. Of course, I'm talking about the game sounds and visuals. As usual, they are beyond any praise!

Are you ready for the eternal quest? It's time to start playing!

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Game Review   2008-11-18


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Vitas  2013-02-03 20:22:24
I know two articles those could be heufpll :Heinz Engelmann / Jochen Hallof :Zur medizinischen Nothilfe und Unfallversorgung auf staatlichen Arbeitsple4tzen im alten c4gypten. In : Zeitschrift ffcr e4gyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde Zc4S 122. 1995. pp. 104 136andDer Sachmetpriester, ein frfcher Repre4sentant der Hygiene und des Seuchenschutzes. In : Studien zur alte4gyptischen Kultur SAK 23. 1996. pp. 103 146.The second seems more interesting for the topic and both contain, naturally, also an extensive bibliography.Best regards,Lutz

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