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Game Review   2007-02-02



A Magician Puzzle Quest Magic Match: The Genie's Journey - A Magician Puzzle Quest


Before you set off on a quest, you are introduced to a musical performance which will lift a veil of Middle East secrets. Once you've taken a sip of mystical spells of Arabian world, you'll see a magic map that will guide you through desert lands of Arcania, oasis, ancient  pyramids and  City of Gods. On your quest you'll be accompanied by a squeaky-voiced imp called Giggles. He is difficult to recognize (unlike the previous version of Maqic Match, he's no longer wearing a big hat, this time he has put on a turban), still he's even more  eager to give you a couple of ‘precious' advice.  So, together with Genie and Giggles the Imp you are to solve challenging matching puzzles.


To solve the puzzle, you are to remove a chain of 3 or more items of the same kind from the magic grid.


Match 3 or more items of the same type and remove them from the gridAs you start a level, you'll see a diamond-shaped grid on the playing field (each level features a unique grid). The tiles of the grid are filled with colored items like curved shoes, gems, scarabs and pyramids.


The point is to make a line of three or more items of the same kind. To do a match, click at the item and drag the cursor without lifting a mouse in order to highlight a line of similar items.


Matched composition disappears from the playing field scoring you points.Adjacent items can be matched horizontally or vertically.


Pay attention to Potion Meter  -  the items are to be matched before a magic potion runs out.


While matching magic stuff, consult the ancient scrolls at the right bottom of the playing field.


You can swap items or shuffle all pieces in the grid


Scroll of items will show you how many items of each kind you are to collect.


Scroll of Spells ‘empowers' you to use swap spell: you can change places of two adjacent items in order to match a line.


Use other spell buttons to work wonders: Transform Spell, for example,  allows to change any item into the item of another kind.  


If you are at loss for items that can be matched, you can reshuffle all objects on a grid by clicking on a Reshuffle Spell Button.


Map of Arcania landsAs you proceed through spell-bound levels, you come across multiple  power-ups and obstacles.


Be on the look-out for a handful of tricky surprises: some of them come in very handy, others come like a bolt from the blue.


Here are some tips and tricks for you:


-coins allow to connect items of the same type, magic amulets are used as connectors for items of different types.


-to increase magic point, look for explode power ups that blow up all items around them.


-magic match scores you extra points as well.

Some spell-bound items are added to the playing field to put a spoke in your wheel:

  • Wooden shield blocks a match. To unblock it, match nearby items.

  • Metal shields are still worse: they block your path as well, but to destroy them you have to make 2 matches near it.

  • apart from being blocked, items can be frozen when Freezer is added to a grid.

Giggles the imp comments the gameThe game features stunning visuals and mesmerizing oriental tunes. Music introduction grasps you, and seems to be a perfect tick from the developers.


3 playing modes add challenge to a game: Duel mode will brighten up items matching giving you a chance to compete against Giggles to grab components first.


5 bonus games take you to the magic fairy tale as bonuses are pouring like from horn of plenty.


 And, of course, a mystical story which seems to be borrowed from the tales of the Arabian Nights, makes a quest through 50 exotic destinations more than just an item matching puzzle.



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Game Review   2007-02-02


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Ella Mae  2008-10-09 14:58:23
I cannot get the transform spell to work....how do you use it???

Sandy  2008-10-17 10:05:11
I have the same problem, cannot get the transform spell to work. How do you use it?

Julia Williams  2010-11-17 20:50:20
I also can't get the transform spell to work and I don't see how anyone can complete level 50 without using it. Can someone help with this?

Cathie Williams  2011-06-29 11:49:07
Ladies, click on transform spell and go to the opposite side and click on the object you are trying to complete. Then click on the board the object you're trying to capture. If it doesn't work, then your game is malfuctioning. Mind you now, as you use the transform spell, the games speeds up. GOOD LUCK Ladies

Gabriela  2012-03-02 14:22:39
That's exactly the oersan why I do not like DnD and prefer World of Darkness approach (old edition, that is, I know nothing of the new one). Take Vampire for example. You have your gun, a pistol in most cases, you got your combat abilities (Disciplines) that cost enough resources (blood) and bestow enough power on you to use to make them valuable and not-so-often used at the same time. And that's it. There's practically no loot rush because there's nothing to rush to. You level your skills and attributes slowly, so there's no need to invent bigger dragons' each time. You're quite vulnerable, so you have to use your brains. Muscle-type solutions often lead to serious injury and death. As a result, it's more about living in the world than collecting numbers. Statistics do not stand in fun's way.Talking about loot in this game You may stumble upon a M4 assault rifle in your journeys, for example. Maybe you raided an army depot for some oersan. A good gun, definitely better than a saturday-night-special pistol. Lucky you are. Or not. There you stand, a big gun in your hands, in a city full of people not really used to sombre guys in leather jackets carrying M4s around. Of course, you may try to conceal it, but you get the idea, right? You got to think. And the first thing to consider is do I need this rifle at all? Items are not be all end all stuff. They're tools. Just like in real life. Of course there are magic items there, some of them are really powerful. But the game itself is not an arms race. Neither is it a race to level NN. It's more like a shooter approach. Think Dead Space, with weapons adding variety to tools you have, not raw power.Overall I see it a real shame that RPG game developers (and tabletop-RPG game masters) allow themselves to be put on the grind' rails. There's plenty of ideas flying around, no need to follow this Diku-DnD nonsense.

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