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Game Review   2008-02-29


Magic Seeds introMagic Seeds - Ultimate gardening experience

Magic Seeds is a new game combining two of the genres most popular in the casual games industry nowadays - strategy and time-management. And it is wrapped into gardening theme so dear to the heart of many players. Being really nice and family-friendly, the game is sure to attract the most wide audience from all over the world. An opportunity to create your own garden and the need for strategic thinking add much to the fun the game provides.


Jane has leased a small plot of land. She has little money, few magic seeds, but a lot of determination to make her business profitable! And to earn money to build her own house!


MC gardenIn this game you will meet elements of strategy - for you'll have to think which plants to grow, what to do with your products in order to get most profit and where to invest your money to achieve greatest success - and time-management - for while cultivating several plants at a time you will have to tend to all their needs, and they may need watering all at the same time!

In the beginning of the game you have 8 seedbeds and 1 sort of seeds to plant. Once you grow your first plant you can either sell them to get some money of cross them to breed another plants. Do not expect biological laws to be observed - when you cross sunflowers with sunflowers, you get tomatoes. But these are Magic Seeds, aren't they?

MC homeWhile your plants are growing you will have to water them, weed them and cast away pests. These are time-management tasks that are nothing special. The most interesting here is the strategical part. First, you will have to open the cross-breed chart - that is to cross each plant with each other one and with itself. Then, as soon as you earn some money you'll be able to go shopping. The shop offers lots of really useful things, such as water sprinklers, scarecrows or trees that produce fruit without your efforts at all. Surely, you can sell those and earn money also! There is also such a feature as plant of the day - that one will bring you more money than usually.

Tip: if there are no seeds available for more expensive plants, you can grow them by crossing the cheap ones.

The game is really pleasantly drawn and the gameplay is engaging and gives you much freedom in choosing what to do. If the topic is appealing to you and you do not mind getting watermelon from sunflowers and tomatoes - the game is certainly worth trying.

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Game Review   2008-02-29


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