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Game Review   2007-06-12


Mahjongg Investigations: Under SuspicionMahjongg Investigations: Under Suspicion


Want it or not, detective games still rule. Apparently, casual game fans are missing some element of risk and challenges, this is why they welcome the games with elements that are based on crime investigation. That's the reason why so many game genres were based on the criminal plot - say, hidden objects (MCF, Hide and Secret etc.), match-3(Puzzle Detective).


But not so long ago, ingenuous developers dared to mix the pristine mahjong mechanics with good-old detective story.  Well, it's up to you to judge if it's good or not. But first of all we'd like you to introduce you to the game play of this terrific mix called Mahjongg Investigations: Under Suspicion.


Take tile-matching principle of Mahjong and mix it with the criminal sleuthing plot - and you will get a new formula of Mahjongg Investigations: Under Suspicion.


Mahjongg Investigations: Under SuspicionSo, here we go again: a bunch of criminals threatens the peaceful life of Metro City.


And as a professional detective you are to put an end to this story and track the criminals down.


You're to work hard chasing thieves of all sorts and ranks: from a  pickpocket to a cheeky house burglar.


This is why, in the beginning of your investigation, you're to collect clues concerning a group of suspects. But this time, you're not to solve match 3 puzzles to uncover clues.


The task is much easier: you can uncover the clues by matching pairs of identical clues on the board the way it is done in Mahjongg game.


Mahjongg Investigations: Under SuspicionOnce you match several pairs of clues, you get a useful evidence revealing the information on one of the suspects.


After collecting a number of evidences, you'll be able to make up a picture of crime in your mind and thus, each evidence makes you one step closer to the warrant. After sleuthing for evidence in several locations  you're to track down the criminal out of a number of suspects basing on the evidence you've got.  


The clues you click on are stored in the evidence bag. So, be careful to click on 2 identical clues consequently. The matching clues disappear from the box scoring you points.


Mahjongg Investigations: Under SuspicionBut if you click on the different clue by mistake, it will be added to the evidence bag. Please be careful and don't let many non-matching clues get into the bag, as you'll lose the game.


Once you have collected enough evidence to bust the criminal, please go to the Suspects tab and issue warrant by clicking on the suspect that you consider guilty.


And here is the element of tycoon games: by hunting for evidence and busting the right criminals, you earn yourself more reputation, and thus, get promoted just the way it is in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects.


The mahjong game play the game is pretty simple. The only its con is its wordy tutorial. But as a master detective you do know you can always disable hints...           


So, here's a new portion of criminal stories that will make your brain work. But this time, you're to combine the fun of investigating with the plain joy that only mahjongg can bring. 


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Game Review   2007-06-12


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rachel  2007-07-04 17:04:13
i think it`s a cool game better than just plain mahjongg brill i love it thank you soooooo much

nqmgzltkyv  2007-06-21 02:55:50
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! itobkjzxqazp

Mary Ann  2007-09-30 21:01:32
ok i dont mean to sound stupid but when you are in pursuit and match all the tiles how long do you wait for the pursuit to be over with?? does anyone know??

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This is Mahjongg Investigations - Under Suspicion review. Download this game here.