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Game Review   2009-02-08


/Mark_and_Mandi_s_Love_StoryMark and Mandi's Love Story - Preparation For The St. Valentine's Day


Mark and Mandi's Love Story is a nice preholiday offer from Springbay Studio. The game features a light story, lots of mini-games and quirky graphics. Even though it takes time for the game to get more challenging, it is still a lot of fun setting your mind toward the holiday theme.



You get to be a witness of the whole process of relationship development of two people.


/Mark_and_Mandi_s_Love_StoryThe title is not lying - you do get a chance to see the love story of the couple from the very beginning till, well, not the end, but what is called the "happy end" or "ever after".


The beginning of a story introduces us to Mandi, who is not very optimistic about her love relationship. Not untill she meet a cupid that chooses a match for her. That's where Mark comes into the picture.


The main levels of their relationship like dating, moving in together, getting married and starting a family are four chapters of the game. Each of the levels require you to get all three milestones in order to proceed.


These milestones can include romantic picnics, shopping together, or having a barbecue. You earn them by using your wish points, which are the game's currency. This all is done by playing different rounds.


/Mark_and_Mandi_s_Love_StoryAlmost every new round starts with spot the difference game. The game is not that difficult at all and this may be a disappointment to those who need challenge and competitiveness. The hints are not limited, but after a certain number they cost you some wishpoints.


You can always switch to one of the two modes: Normal or Hard. In the Hard mode the other picture is mirrored which does add the challenge. After this game you usually get one of the mini-games that include jigsaw puzzles, matching or memory games.


There is also a special red round where you are challenged to play spot the similarity game, which is the opposite of the one where you are to look for the differences.


When you are done with a round you get your wish points. These can be spent on the milestones to proceed or on the creatures for your garden that can also be used as power-ups.


All in all the game is an enjoyable experience if you are not looking for high speed and challenge race. But if you want something relaxing and relationship-themed, that's what you need.

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Game Review   2009-02-08


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This is Mark and Mandi's Love Story review. Download this game here.