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Game Review   2012-03-15


Mega World SmashMega World Smash


If you are a fan of any particular genre, you know how soon you join the rest of the fans that can't wait for something surprising in every new release. Mega World Smash is an attemp to make  the arcade genre more diverse, but you are the judge of their success.



As you play through the game, you'll collect stars that upgrade the effectiveness and duration of power-ups and abilities.


Mega World Smash

There isn't much to say about the story of this game. And that is not too bad, because the story is not the most mportant part of the games of this genre. And moreover, you don't really get to hear a great story. You only get bits and pieces from the dialogues in between the battles.


Mega World Smash is a brick-breaking game with 3D graphics. You have to destroy all these walls and constructions of different types in almost every level. The bricks are 3D with many layers, but you only get to shoot at the bottom layer. Then you watch some of the bricks fall down.


Mega World Smash

The next thing that should be discussed is the vast amount of colapse caused with all of the power-ups available. The power-ups include traditional and innovative items like guns, extended paddle, air strikes, buzzsaws and homing missiles.


As you play through the game, you'll collect stars that upgrade the effectiveness and duration of power-ups and abilities, and downgrade the power-downs. All this progress is shown on the skill tree, which is fun to watch grow.


The game is clearly a strong attemp of the developers to create something new, but it is up to you is they succeeded at this.










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Game Review   2012-03-15


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