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Game Review   2010-02-23


Million Dollar Quest - Try Something Fresh

Million Dollar Quest Free game downloadMillion Dollar Quest is an intriguing puzzle game that will definitely involve you into an unbelievable adventure. Together with Sandra you will travel to the distant corners of the world in the seek of happiness and wealth. The story begins when the main heroine finally gets a vacation and reads a morning newspaper at home. Among the variety of ads, she finds an interesting one. It offers to take part in a game and get a chance to win a million dollars. Sandra doesn't hesitate and decides to send her agreement. Finally, she gets an invitation for traveling to Beijing with the tickets included and starts her journey. At the first sight, the game plot seems to be ordinary. But don't be in a hurry to make conclusions. The matter is that Sandra was brought up in an orphanage and due to an accident she remembers not so much of her childhood. However, during the trip she will restore some events from her past.

The question is: will Sandra really be playing the game or maybe it's someone else who wants to play an evil joke with her?

Million Dollar Quest Free game downloadThe game has some unique features that will make you pleased. First of all it's postscoring. As for me, it's better to listen to the game story in stead of reading it. In the second place are movable scenes. It's great when the scene is not constant and some items are in motion. Together with voicing, it makes the effect that it's not a game, but a film and moreover you are playing a role in it. For example, when Sandra sits down in a taxi and it starts, the pictures around are not the same, they constantly change and you feel like sitting in a real car by yourself.

As for the game plot, it is divided into chapters. Every chapter in its turn has a particular amMillion Dollar Quest Free game downloadount of levels. Like in no other game, you can watch your progress in percentage after completing each chapter.

It's a little bit difficult to determine a genre of the game. In general, it's a hidden object, but it also has a lot of elements of a quest. As a rule these two genres are combined in some levels. For example, there is a task where you are to solve a riddle. But for this, you should switch on the blue light, shine it on the blue add and collect the hidden items which are not visible under the usual light. million-dollar-questSure, there are clear hidden object levels, in where you are to collect a particular amount of items. For example, pick all the letters from the scMillion Dollar Quest Free game downloadene or collect the yellow suitcases. Also there are only quest levels. For example, in one of them you are to get some water for a lady but you have no glass. For this, you are to insert a coin into the vending machine, after that a bottle of cola will appear. Then you are to pour it out and fill an empty bottle with water.
By the way, the game is full of mini-games. In here, you will be solving word games where you need to pick letters and try to guess a word, finding differences between the pictures, putting all the lines of a note into correct order, solving riddles and these are only a few. There are not so many games that are worth playing.

But we are definitely to say that you will not be disappointed by Million Dollar Quest.

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Game Review   2010-02-23


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ok thank god im not banned anyrome and all i just freaked out alot if that was to realy happen cuz i have soooo many friends on eco buddies and i come on alot and all so u could imagenhow i must have looked wen i thought i was banned lol and pesto i keep freezen alot wen im playen games for coins and i know it might b the freeezen from the downloading or somethin else so i thought i should just say so and wat not so bye ~silver stream~

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