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Game Review   2006-12-18


Christmas match-5 puzzleMind Your Marbles Christmas Edition - Christmas Puzzle


The game can be a perfect pastime for all those who don't know how to while away the time left to the Christmas and New Year holiday. 


Matching multicolored balls in a garland you won't even notice how quickly the time is flowing away.


The game reminds classical Lines game and the rules of the game are very much alike.


So the main point of the game  is to make a line of five or more balls of the same color. As soon as the line is matched, it disappears scoring you points.


Make a line of five or more balls of the same colorMove balls on 9X9 square board trying to match pieces of one color in a line.


If you fail, i.e. if you move pieces along the playing field without matching them, new balls are added to your playing field.


The more pieces are added, the more complicated the game is.


The color of the ball which will be added to your playing field next is shown at the right bottom of your field.    


Some balls are of two colors - it means that such ball can be used to make lines of both colors. If the ball is multicolored it can be matched with any line!


With combo your scores are tripledBesides, the game has lots of bonuses. For example, there are paint buckets which paint all adjacent pieces in the same color.


There is also dynamite bar which helps to dissolve pieces more quickly.


Moreover, there are Combo bonuses. With Combo, your scores are doubled when you match the second line or are tripled as you make a third line!  


To get them you have to put several lines in consecutive turns.


How to play: Play with your mouse. Click a left mouse button on the ball and without letting your mouse of drag the ball to the needed place.


Though I'm not a fan of puzzle games, I found this one endlessly addictive. Due to its multiple difficulties modes is sure to appeal to both children and grown-ups. Have a happy New Year and Merry Christmas!





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Game Review   2006-12-18


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This is Mind Your Marbles Christmas Edition review. Download this game here.