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Game Review   2007-08-21


Mirror MixupMirror Mixup - The Puzzlest Puzzle


Mirror Mixup -  a tough puzzle game from Ip Eye Games.


At first sight it seems that you are absolutely lost in the picture pieces and there's just no way to put them all together. But wait a little bit and you'll see how practice makes perfect.




Your task is to flip the pieces of the picture to get them into the right place within a picture.


Mirror MixupThere is no interesting story you are involved into or a dangerous mission to accomplish in the game.


You are given one small task - put the pieces of a picture together.


You are given a picture for each level. The picture is cut into pieces and the pieces are mixed within the picture.


The trick is that the pieces are not just jumbled up, they are fliped. So you often see their mirror reflection.


Your task is to flip the pieces to bring them to their places within the picture.


There is a couple of helpers for you - the UNDO and Show Correct buttons


Mirror MixupThere is no time limit in the game. Otherwise everyone would get stuck on the first level.


But there are very useful buttons on the screen.


The first one is the UNDO button. You can use it anytime you want to get back up to the very beginning.


Why you need it? There is a table that shows you how many moves you can make, the possible minimum of moves, and the maximum of moves you can make.


Another useful button is the one that shows the pieces that are in the correct place. The button gets the whole picture into green and red.


Green is for the pieces in the correct place and red is for the misplaced ones. The button is very useful. You can play with this function on the whole level. 


The game boasts a wide variety of modes: Mixup Mode, Custom Play, Memory Quest, and Impossible Mode.


Mirror MixupThere are 4 modes for you in Mirror Mixup.


They are: Mixup Mode, Custom Play, Memory Quest, and Impossible Mode.


In the Mixup Mode you are going to go through 100 levels.


The further you go in this mode, the more modes you unlock.


The Custom Play Mode is quite fun because you can play with your own pictures and listen your own favorite music.


I the Memory Quest you follow really complex sequences. And the Impossible Mode is for pros only.


In each level you can choose the level of difficulty. The most difficult ones are really tough as they are divided into such a big number of pieces that you just get lost in all that.


Mirror Mixup is definitely a superb picture puzzle. Great graphics and tough challenges make it one of those that become the favorite ones.

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Game Review   2007-08-21


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