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Game Review   2007-07-06


Miss ManagementMiss Management - Manage Your Time In The Crazy Office


Miss Management is a funny mix of time-management and simulation from Gamelab. In terms of genre this game looks very much like Nanny Mania


In the game you are to handle not only the decision making but also  crazy peculiarities of your workers and you have to make a long way before you understand how to keep everybody happy.



Get the work done and keep the workers happy - this is the principal task of Miss Management.


bannerIn this game you are a Denise, cute young lady, at her first job.


You are hired as an office manager.


So your task is to accomplish the daily goals that include not only work that must be done, but also worker's needs that must be met.


You are to do all that within a certain period of time.


The goals for each day are shown to you before each day and you can take a look at them any time along the game.


Each worker has things that irritate him/her and the ones that help to relax.


Miss ManagementEach day you meet a new person in your office.


Each worker has his/her personal peculiarities that you should know.


There are things that he/she likes and doesn't like.


For example, a girl Tara likes the whiteboard markers and doesn't like communicate with people.


It's important to know because when Mahavir, a guy in the office, tries to chat with her Tara gets stressed.


Or, for example, almost everyone gets irritated when Mahavir tumbles down on the coach to overcome his stress.    




You have to be careful and not to let your workers stress out accomplishing the daily goals.


Miss ManagementThe goals for the day may get one of the workers stressed and help others to relax at the same time.


You can see how stressed a worker is with the help of the stress thermometer near each one of them.


If fulfilling one of the goals gets somebody stressed be careful not to lose that worker.


For some of the goals you have a set time that must be spent on an activity, so take a break to restore the stressed worker.


You are going to come on a short terms with the workers of the office by getting to know them and talking to them in the beginning of every business day.


Miss ManagementWhat makes Miss Management similar to the other games of this type is that you spend as much time on chatting with your workers as on the game itself.


Before each day you are to meet a new worker and discuss any arising problems with him/her.


Of course, it is not you personally who talks to them, it feels like you are a part of the comics.



At first it may seem like too much but later you get so used to everyone in the office, like Mahavir, who thinks that he's the most handsome guy in the world or  Thimoty, who's depressed all the time, and the game (oops, I mean your work) becomes really fun.


You should not focus on money making. Remember that the psychological balance of your workers as well as goal completion are your primary priorities. 


Miss ManagementThough you get some money for all the tasks accomplished by your workers, money is not the main factor of your success.


The game is not about getting money, it's about accomplishing your daily goals, that could be letting Pearl smoke for 50 seconds or bringing Tara 2 whiteboard markers.


The money you get can be spent on the things in the shop for your workers, like a cup of coffee, a doughnut, a whiteboard marker etc. 


Miss Management is both entertaining and challenging time-management game.


The graphics are very cute and attractive. It's clear that it took a great deal of developer's time and energy to  release another quality game. And the game is well worth it! 



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Game Review   2007-07-06


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Meatloaf  2007-08-09 22:09:00
This game is da' bomb! I really think the character's captions are hilarious!
It's absolutly funny when the herbal-tea guy gets stressed! I know if I worked there I would of quit maybe in the 1st week and I know for sure I would of slapped Pearl's ass in the face

b  2007-08-11 13:18:11
or get lots of coffey + donots n let duncan do all de work

Sexy-Loo!!!  2007-08-14 15:15:31
Same as Keri I am only young nearly 13 sexy!!! Anyway I think this game is FAB!!!!!!!!!!

anda  2007-07-08 11:31:13
e tare jocu yo

Pea511  2007-07-09 02:29:52
I think that this is a really fab game, however I am really stuck with level 28 when the CEO insists on doing all the jobs in one day - I am having a problem getting Mahavir to have a chat with denise by the water cooler - usually if a goal isn't completed in one day the remaining time getts roled over to the next this is not happenning and I am getting fed up

Courtney  2007-07-09 17:40:37
I need help doing level 28 too! I can manage all the other tasks except for talking at the water cooler for 60 sec in one day! There is just too many work tasks coming in and too many people getting stressed by my talking to do it all in one day! HELP!

Ramonda  2007-07-11 01:16:19
Hello. I play in Miss Management, this is realy cool game, but Denise always has a bad vood. What shoul i do?


Fatima  2007-07-12 13:39:51
To get past 28, on the 1st day I had Winston and Nadine do their goals (Winston all tech task, Nadine all fin). Then on the 2nd day, I let Nadine "go home" and brought tons of coffee and cinnabuns for Brooke to do all task, in between I let her work out. On the last day, I brought a ton of the brownies to keep Denise from stressing out and just ignored all task and let her talk to Mahavir. Good luck, I didn't do the bonus task that came after talking to Mahavir.

cita  2007-07-12 22:43:05
i like this game! because it was so very exciting!!! i reaally enjoying to play this games!!! tnxx.....

xia0gal  2007-07-15 01:54:21
Where can i download this game other than big fish games? I really want to play this game but the trail was too short.

lylette  2007-07-19 21:49:57
Can anybody help me with episode 29? I've been stuck in this level for like forever! Help!

Renmah  2007-07-20 18:05:29
I have a question.....when Ashley comes, I dont know how to do the goals Ducan expects like have Pearl,Luke,Ashley,and Winston do no tasks and not stressing anyone out...Help please?

Keri  2007-07-24 12:17:11
I thougt this game was soooo much fun I couldnt believe it! By the way I am 11 so, this is normal for a girl this age.

torie  2007-07-23 17:56:32
This game is the shit

Ihatemushrooms  2007-07-29 10:35:54
Hey Renmah, I had that same problem, but then I remembered that Denise had said something about taking turns... So thats what you do, have one of the groups do all the tasks for one day, then switch groups the next day.

Marie Bowman  2008-05-28 13:27:16
this game was the best i might buy it i love the way that denise always does something that goes wrong and then puts it right but i don't get how to make her talk to pearl and not get stressed over her work.

pauline  2008-05-08 22:29:50
i cant not play this game beacause i don no how i go to this game

karla  2007-09-04 17:03:22
this game is my favroite one!! #1

li  2007-12-03 19:26:17
*it was not so good to play but it is nice.....*

jy  2007-12-09 22:08:08
i love this game

lucy  2007-12-13 01:23:31
hey can anyone help me on level 19 how do yuu make them read the mannuls i need help quick plz xxx

Kara  2008-12-15 19:13:17
I think whenI play this game it going to be fun to

Mariah  2009-06-13 17:33:05
DOwnload the game at iWin you can play for free -no trials and completly legal-

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