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Game Review   2007-08-10


Monopoly  Here and Now EditionMonopoly: Here and Now Edition - Polished Up Classics 


Monopoly: Here and Now Edition is a downloadable version of one of America's most popular board games. The game, developed by Tikgames and published by RealArcade, is all about making money, selling, buying, and having fun. This is a computer version of good-old Monopoly.




You have to choose a pewter piece for yourself and your opponent. The choice is surprisingly wide and hard to make.


Monopoly  Here and Now EditionYou start the game by choosing the pewter piece for yourself and for your opponent.


The choice is quite wide and the options are funny.


You are to choose from French Fries, Coffee Cup, Laptop Computer, Mobile Phone, Labradoodle, Hybrid Car, Running Shoe, and Jet Airplane.


All the pieces are very cute and nicely animated. Every piece has its character.


My favorite is French Fries. Having chosen them you start the game.


The rules and principles of the game are well known and absolutely the same as in classic board game.


You can customize them here though. For example, you can set the amount of the salary or the initial cash or the bail to get out the prison.


The details like prices and destinations are very real and modern. This makes the game more fun.


Monopoly  Here and Now EditionThough the game seems to be very much the same as the original one, it has some twists that make it more fun.


The attractive thing is that in this version of game you deal with very real destinations from across the U.S. and very modern market prices.


In this game you start with 15 million dollars instead of $1500.


There is Times Square in New York City, Mall of America, and Boston's Fenway Park among the places you are to buy. The prices are very up-dated as well.


The game not only looks, but also plays very well. You've got all you need on your screen.


Monopoly  Here and Now Edition

You've got lots of things on the screen that make the process of playing more comfortable.


There's a History field where you can keep track back of all the moves made by the players.


The buttons Build, Sell, Mortgage, Unmortgage and Trade are just beneath the board, so that you could use them any time when it's your turn.


And it takes only a click to refresh yourself on the official rules of the game.


The die looks so great when it rolls onto the board. You can roll it yourself actually with your mouse.


And as you buy something the money flies from the wallet to the bank. If you get to jail, the police car comes on the board to take you there.


I think all these animation is fun and it makes the game so much more special comparing to the original board game.


I'm sure all fans of the board game will fall in love with Monopoly: Here and Now Edition at first sight.

 Download Monopoly Here & Now Edition


Download this game for free at Yahoo! Games. Click on the banner below - and you will be redirected to Yahoo! Games. Please enter "Monopoly Here & Now Edition" into search field and press Enter.




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Game Review   2007-08-10


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marius  2009-06-02 15:28:48
greate game but where do i get it in south africa

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Arthur  2011-03-29 20:01:03
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