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Game Review   2011-01-31


Murder Island: Secret of TantalusMurder Island: Secret of Tantalus


Some of the stories remain the most favorite no matter how many times they are replayed in the books, movies, and games. One of those is the situation when people having some kind of common past are gethered in a strange place together, and then one by one they get killed. And the question that is floating in the air is - who is next?



People die here and there all the time in this game. The deaths happen according to the greek myths.


Murder Island: Secret of TantalusMurder Island: Secret of Tantalus is the game with that kind of a scenario. You follow a young man on his way to a Greek island where he is to meet with the high school classmates. He is anticipating lots of fun and adventure, but things turn out to be totally the opposite very quickly.


People die here and there all the time in this game. That's not a very pleasant part of the game, but it does create the needed atmosphere. Very soon you realize that you want to find the way off the island bacause you don't know if you are going to be the next one killed.


The deaths happen according to the greek myths, so slowly you get some understanding as to what's going on and how to escape the danger.


Murder Island: Secret of TantalusYou are going to deal with many puzzles and searches and ineraction gameplay wise. The game interwines all of those parts together very smoothly. You don't just finish room after room, but rather go back and forth in order to accomplish everything you need to proceed. Of course some of them are lef behind when you are done, but most of them are revisited many times.


There are tasks that spread over the general gameplay. Like, for example, you will have to collect special tiles all over the place, or sometimes you collect the items in different location and them when you are done you reach a puzzle where all of them are used. It is kind of neat how things get connected with each other.



The mini-games do look new and fresh, but most of them are absed on the same old ideas of course. The graphics are all greek. The beautiful landscapes and architecture create a nice and attractive atmosphere dispite the fact that murders happen every little while. The animated details do make it all feel and look right.


The music is no worse at doing its job. The voice-over feature makes the game really enjoyable.


The game is really nice in the way things are put together and how they all work as you proceed.

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Game Review   2011-01-31


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