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Game Review   2006-11-08


Mystery Case Files: HuntsvilleMystery Case Files: Huntsville - the First Night of the Detective Puzzle


The first feature that captures your eyes about MCF immediately after you start the game is its retro flavor delivered in the in game graphics. As you start the game and proceed to the case study, you will get the flavor of the detective novel that was a cutting edge thing a century ago. Retro-style graphics along with the original and unexpected sounds of a detective movie give a solid look to the game.


As you work on each of the 19 crime scenes, your point is to find the tiny and cleverly hidden items listed at the right-hand side of the playfield.


Mystery Case Files: Huntsville playfieldThe game plot takes you to the small Middle West town of Huntsville in the beginning of the XX century, where some very weird crimes have been taking place.


You are appointed to solve the crimes and eventually track down the criminal.


19 levels may not seem to be enough for the modern puzzle players.


But let me assure you that you will have to sleuth through every corner in Huntsville, starting from a bookstore and ending up at a cemetery:). The list of clues to be found is given on the right-hand side of the game.


In the future, you may want to go back to the crime scenes that you have already solved, and solve them again.


Crime computerYou will be offered a new list of clues to find, which is definitely a great job of developers who cared to deliver the diversified puzzle experience to players.


As you have collected enough clues, your mission is to go to the crime computer and solve the puzzle there. This is going to be a classical mosaic puzzle. You are to restore the picture out of smaller pieces.   


So, if you are ready to train your power of observation, you may try your sleuthing skills. Now you can try the newer version of MCF - Prime Suspects. While you are mastering this one, beware that the next version of the game is already available - Mystery Case Files2: Prime Suspects.



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Game Review   2006-11-08


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Aman  2012-03-03 03:57:54
I started plyaing video games with Pong on Atari and haven't stopped since. When I was in Jr. High and High school, I mainly hung out at the arcade across the street from school where I grappled with Space Invaders, Galaga, Defender, Tempest (I'm not even sure what this was you were blob on top of a pit and hurried around the circumference and shot things, then eventually slid down onto some spikes).I gave up video games for a brief time in college until I purchased my first PC and played SpaceQuest. Then all the Quest games became my nemesis. Not too long after I graduated college I was introduced to a game that changed my life the original Wolfenstein and there was no turning back. First person shooters had arrived!It wasn't until many years later that I reached another level of gaming and that was when I ran out at 7pm to buy Half Life so I could join my friend's bachelor party. My life was never the same after that and I've never had as much fun plyaing a video game. We had 6-10 guys once a week and I'll never forget being beaten down by 6 naked scientists with crowbars for my 34(?) birthday.I'm now an exclusive console gamer and once again enjoying RB6: Las Vegas with two great friends (and looking for one more). There's nothing like tossing a willie pete into a room full of terrorists and listening to their tortured screams as they are cooked at 4000 degrees.Now I'm just waiting for true virtual reality and hope to see it before I go to the great video game arcade in the sky

Shashi  2012-03-17 04:21:17
Tim in OhioDecember 6, 2011 @ 11:57 pmI see you've been through a walk of a hitosry department! We've got nothin' on the Poli Sci folks though. I got sick of hearing Oh, just Corporate Law.

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