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Game Review   2012-12-03


Mystery Case Files®: Shadow LakeMystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake


Here's another release in the Mystery Case Files series. The series has a lot of fans. But is this one going to keep the standard. Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake is a mysterious story where the help of psychic is needed to stop the evil force.



The game features a fair amount of hidden object levels. They do not offer anything new to the genre.


Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

Something strange happened in 1973 in the town of Bitterford. An inmate has found a strange object in his cell. That insignificant event has turned the town into ruins. What was that? What exactly has happened? Those are kind of quistions you are to find the answers to. But you are not alone. You have a strong player on your team, a psychic Cassandra Williams.


The graphics are okay. There's something lacking, though, some liveliness. More morphing objects throuoghout the game would do the trick. But they are still much better than in many other games.


Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

The game features a fair amount of hidden object levels. They do not offer anything new to the genre. The puzzles are all same old ones that you've played many times before. The whole gameplay is challenging as usual for the games of the series.


The work withthe psychic gets too repetative as you have to come back to her after every chapter and go over the location you have just visited to reconstruct the "drawings".


The game is not bad, butit might be a disapponment for the fans with high expectations.




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Game Review   2012-12-03


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Geomara  2012-12-16 16:52:52
NHL 11 Why you should buy it Consistently uptdaed rosters gives every team an accurate ratings, including player trades and updates. There is no cheap way of scoring, while shots going in are not vary from shot to shot, better angle increases your likeleness, but there is never a guarantee. Mechanics are great, player's move well and EA offers users a quick tutorial in order to master the controls. however as a new comer deeking took some getting use to (but different control schemes are available) Online offers endless fun and frustrations! Four players on the same playstation! Though in sports games more players can make the game trickier, if players play together long enough, it can create a huge advantage. There are different ways to take a face off, and it's extremely nice to be able to tie up a player who just seems to have the edge instead of loosing. From what I've seen, fights are mostly won by taping the punch button (right analog up ) as fast as possible while holding one's head to a direction (left analog). Though there's not much diversity in the fights, it's a nice way to relieve anger, and change the momentum of a game. (NOTE* i play with 2 friends and i'm positive were not in the top half of the online players, so maybe the better players have more of a strategy). Momentum is great, players getting tired based on how many hits they've taken, how long they've skated, and how well they're line and team is doing. The game is quite real, with responsive controls, official NHL stats, and beautiful visuals. Certain players are faster, and stronger, while certain teams have trouble winning. This is somewhat a down-er as a leafs fan, as i'm constantly facing the Canucks, the Penguins, and the Capitals online (the three highest rated teams, against the near lowest), but it is true to life. The only thing that is exaggerated are hits;, when players are hit they fall more often then they would in real life. This just allows for more visual satisfaction to a well timed hit, and to compensate, a player fallen from a hit does not affect the puck or the players around him. Offering the hitter praise, without the repercussion of having to deal with a body interfering with a play. EA let's you add your own tracks which is a huge plus, with customizable menu music, goal scoring music, pause music, fight music (extremely detailed, and for those who don't have much of a preference you can simply select all and put one or more of your songs on shuffle, or listen to EA's provided tracks). it's a great game that my friends and I keep coming back to. Great Hockey game, i would absolutely not consider buying a different hockey experience. It's everything me and my friend were hoping for.

Vybz  2013-04-08 03:39:50
23April 20, 2012 at 6:34 pm3a2Mind Jack Bad Things1. It takes forever just to chagne from mind to mind.2. It has a horribly loud static when your leaving and entering a guys mind.3. The AI's are never take cover they just stand out in the open.4. The plot doesn't exist.5. In multi-player mode you have to be in level 24 to earn the write to make your own teams.6. The enemies cant hit shit.7. After 6 hrs of playing they drop a bomb. 8. Voice acting is horrible.9. The robots shoot the ground.10. The bosses are pointless.11. You can make a monkey army only to get a game freeze 5 seconds later.12. Ever single time you lose you lose all your guns and ammo.13. And Worst of all !!!!! It made Angry Joe curse so loud the whole planet heard it.Mind Jack Good Things1. Exactly !!!!!c8

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