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Game Review   2008-05-05


Mystery_CookbookMystery Cookbook –

It seems like game developers have reached the top of their best. I mean many of the casual games are quite good. Don’t hear me wrong, I’m not saying that every game is good; my point is that the market is full of the games that offer almost everything each genre may require. Plus there are games that the majority considers to be next to perfect. So it means that the developers are doing a great job having all the gamers’ needs met.


Mystery Cookbook is a new hidden object game developed by Shape Games and published by Alaware Entertainment. I’m not sure if it’s one of the perfect ones, but it’s definitely the one to represent high-quality hidden object games.

You are to help Mousy find a secret cookbook in order to become a professional chef.

Mystery_Cookbook The first thing that is very attractive in the game is its graphics. It’s fun to get into the world of cartoon-styled animals that have some problems to solve. According to the story, you are to help Mousy become a skilled chef. The story reminds the Ratatouille cartoon, but it’s not the same anyway.

So you go to different locations in search of the pages of a secret cookbook. You’ll also meet cute funny animal characters on your way. They are going to help Mousy, but if you are not interested in their dialogues you can always skip them.

Get ready to have to find a lot of items in the hidden object levels. Some of them will be listed as words, some as silhouettes. There are hints to help you if you are stuck. You click on a cheese platter and you can replenish it by finding pieces of cheese on the screens.

There are up to six kinds of mini-games in between the hidden object levels.


Mystery_CookbookThe hidden object levels are decorated with some mini-games. There are up to six types of them. They are quite typical, for example, you are to find the differences between two pictures or to find all similar items on the screen.

Having all that in mind, the game does have some shortcomings. Sometimes you get a time penalty for clicking not the particular item that they meant, but just the one that represents the word listed.

One more thing that can be a problem for some is the fact that things stay in the same places when you replay the level. But I know that it won’t be a problem at all for some.

So you can see that the game offers quite a lot. I’m sure that the fans of the genre will definitely appreciate it.

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Game Review   2008-05-05


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