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Game Review   2010-10-15


Mystery Trackers: The Void


Mystery_Trackers_Void_IntroMeet a new detective club called Mystery Trackers. Their mysterious case to investigate is your catching game to play. A bestsellers’ writer, an illusionist and an actress have inconceivably vanished after visiting the Void family mansion. The building used to be a gorgeous home, until Dr. Malleus Void inherited it. It is rumoured that the creepy doctor spent his time doing terrible experiments in his home, and the sumptuous detached house has been abandoned for an entire decade. Too many questions, too much mystery and too famous celebrities. It is the time to meddle in!


Mystery_Trackers_Void_Writers_RoomThe main merit of the newly released hidden object game is its artwork. The graphics are gorgeous. Even the effects are cute. For example, when you need to click OK button it looks like is burning. And the car that stands at the doorstep of the mansion winkling with its lights makes the introduction scene absolutely alluring.


The game is a nice combo of hidden object scenes and puzzles. Actually they are not challenging, especially if you’re an experienced player. In addition the hint and skip buttons recharge quickly, you will not be punished for the random clicking and in the HO-scenes you’ll need to find the same objects. Of course it doesn’t mean that the feathers, keys and buttons will be exactly the same! You’ll see the diverse variations in form and shape. Do you remember I’ve mentioned about the fantastic artwork? I’d love to meet people who are capable to draw so many modifications of the trivial items.


Do you know the meaning of the word "slapdash"? It has nothing in common with the game Mystery Trackers: The Void

Mystery_Trackers_Void_Newspaper_PuzzleNote, for going through 38 Ho-scenes without hints you’ll get an award. The same is if you pass 38 puzzles without skipping any of them. So as you can see the length of the game is also reasonable.

Talking about the ingenuity of the Elephant Games’ developers it is necessary to mention the hint button. As soon as you enter the mansion you find a trained toad wearing a Victorian costume. When you use the hint button the toad runs away, and the button is active only when the toad is back. I enjoyed the way it works as the animation is not at all a slapdash.

Mystery_Trackers_Void_Writers_Room_GeneralIt seems at the beginning that the gameplot is typical. It will twist, trust me. But the interactions in the game are rare, so read the diary carefully to stay up-to-date with the plot. Besides the diary has some clues that might be useful. Otherwise you may appeal to the Strategy Guide that is available in the game itself, so that there is no use to surf the Internet.

Do you still doubt whether to pay for the Collector’s edition or not? The bonus content that includes additional gameplay and wonderful wallpapers might be your weighty argument pro.


I suppose Mystery Trackers: The Void will be the first game of the series. And you know what? After playing it you’ll pray for that!

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Game Review   2010-10-15


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