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Game Review   2007-01-26


On Cats' TrailMysteryville - On Cats' Trail


Sinister things are happening in Mysterville: all cats have disappeared from a little town. Being a reporter of Countryside Life Magazine, you are to find traces of lost animals. On the quest to investigate the secrets of Mysteryville, you'll visit different locations, interview their owners and solve puzzles prepared by the ewnigmatic place.


Cats rescuing mission begins from searching a location for particular type objects.


Search a location for a particular type objectsAs one gets to a certain destination (a bar, a shop, for example), he is asked to find a definite number of particular items (bottles at the bar, cards or dice at Fortune teller's place, fruit as one visits the owner of Dong Li's Asian Market).


The inspected locations are messy and encumbered, while the time for a search is limited. Clicking at every random object is not recommended, as it will cost you time penalty.


If you are completely at your wits end, ask for a hint. But mind that the number of tips is limited for each location (generally you have 2 or 3 tips). Besides, after each use, the hint bar needs to be recharged.


The next milestone on you quest to find the lost animals is looking for different items from a list.


Visit different locations and interview their ownersThe idea is the same as in MCF: among scattered items you are to find those given in the list. Sometimes a needed object may be hidden behind another item from the list. So, don't lose heart if you are completely at loss for an item - a lurking hope is alive while your list is not empty - quite possible that the item you are looking for is hidden behind one of the titles in the list. Occasionally the lights go out - spying out hidden objects by flashlight is a real challenge.


At some locations your task will be to compare two identical pictures and find as many differences as possible.

The number of differences you haven't found yet is indicated at the top of the playing field. Once you've found all bits and pieces that differ, the level is completed. Another puzzle is not less challenging: at some levels your task to unearth items by their silhouettes. 

Get a closer look at Mysteryville residents and you'll give you a clue as for the whereabouts of town catsThe twisted story will carry you to 21 destinations, where you are to meet different people.


Mysteryville gameplay is very smooth and addictive, though a bit short - at the very moment you acquire a taste of it, the game is over. The graphic is perfect - the places are not ‘overstuffed' as in last series of MCF, every detail fit its place perfectly. And of course, the story hooks - to get so many people involved in rescuing missing pets - that's a thing!



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Game Review   2007-01-26


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