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Game Review   2012-03-19


Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow RanchNancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch


Rejoice all the fans of the Nancy Drew series. The rest of the interested in this game can rejoice too as they explore this release. Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch is not exactly the most perfect execution of the modern puzzle games.




The game doesn't lead you the end, you have to use your logic and skill to get there.


Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

You play as Nancy while she is visiting Bess' uncle's ranch. Before she arrived, the uncle had gotten bitten by a rattlesnake. But the best part is the mysterious one, right? So here it is,  at night, a glowing horse appears from nowhere, gallops around the ranch then vanishes.


There is no escape for Nancy in this situation. She has to find out the mystery behind the horse as she explores the trails of evidence and the legends among the locals.


Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

You are going to be assigned several tasks that go in parallel to the investigation. The tasks are perfectly natural as they fit in the context very well, such as feeding the horses or the chickens, getting information on how to ride a horse, etc...


You have to rely on your cell phone a lot as a means of getting help or information. Interaction with many different characters is also an important part of it. All the puzzles that you get to solve actually make perfect sense. The game doesn't lead you the end, you have to use your logic and skill to get there.


The games graphics to look quite old schoolish though. I know that it is not a big of an issue though.


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Game Review   2012-03-19


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