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Game Review   2009-09-25


Nanny 911Nanny 911 - Family's Only Salvation

Get a job at Nanny 911 - the latest Time Management game from Gamehouse, Merscom and Overplay. You will take a role of a nanny who is the last hope of some desperate families. There is no need to be a professional psychologist to see that all their problems come from adults in the first place. Their children only learn what they see as an example constantly. Will you succeed in reeducating those parents and bringing salvation to their families?

Have you ever brought up any children? Now try ut with adults!

Nanny 911The first family you'll have to deal with is the Singletons. They called Nanny 911 because their little family of four needs help! Bob Singleton loves his children, but as a successful physician he is rarely home to help around the house. He feels so guilty about his absence that he just doesn't feel right disciplining the kids. His wife is a homemaker and does the best she can with the kids, but without any help, she finds it hard to keep things organized. With their parents distracted and upset, the children act out by fighting and causing chaos, which only makes the situation worse! They need your help, but can this family be saved?
Nanny 911So, take the firtst step to saving a family, choose between different types of nannies to select the challenge level which you like most of all: Easy, Medium or Hard. After that start with disciplining... not the kids but their parents first! Help them to recognize their own bad habits. To begin with, it were just superb if you made the mom drop the habit of falling asleep while her children are misbehaving. After you have corrected some of the parents' bad  behavior, their discipline meter gets filled. Once it's filled up, he or she will only do good things. Watch out as when a person is doing something wrong, he or she is highlighted with red. Hurry up to save the situation! Of course, an experienced nanny is aware of that it takes more than a negative feedback to eliminate a bad habit permanently so, don't miss a chance to praise your charges for exemplary actions, too. By clicking on the green button of praise you encourage people repeat their good behavior. Will you find the happy medium between giving positive and negative feedbacks?
Nanny 911After you have weaned the adults from eating on the bed and taking a nap inopportunely, you'll see, that perhaps the kids will seem to improve. Parents really need to pay more attention to the kids today!

As you proceed with the game you will notice that a feedback is good but sometimes parents need direct instructions to get them on the right track. Go ahead, make the dad clean up his bed, change a diaper or disciplne his daughter - there are always lots of tasks to be done in this house. Now it's time to start disciplining the children as well. Yelling is the easiest but the most unefficient way. I'm not sure, your own kids respond well to that kind of approach, so avoid yelling in the Singletons' house to make it happy.

Each level adds more difficulty and challenge to your tasks but it's fascinating, isn't it? By the way, the tutorial is worth mentioning as absolutely clear, detailed and opportune. Nice, easy readable instructions are a pleasure to fulfill, don't you think so? Especially when the game is full with surprises: after you have managed everything proprly in the day time, be ready for the night shift! Enjoy captivating minigames and unlock other levels to see who else needs rescue. Play this wonderful game and, who knows, maybe, it wll help you to avoid the same problems in your life and make your house happier?

In the judjement of those who has already played, it's a good, decent family game. Now it's time to try it on your own!


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Game Review   2009-09-25


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Storm  2011-12-24 10:26:52
This is what we need - an isighnt to make everyone think

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