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Game Review   2007-05-18


Nanny ManiaNanny Mania - A Housekeeping Simulator


House chores - like it or not, it is a part of your life. No matter who you are - a man or a woman, rich person or simple worker, a mum or a son. You do this, or your place turns in a complete chaos.


Nanny Mania gives you a chance to try what house keeping is if you've never tried it yourself or have a little rest from it while cleaning the flat in the comfortable armchair.


On the first stage of the game you'll find yourself as a very energetic and nimble young nanny. You are to help a mayor's family and run their house.



Nanny ManiaPretty mom, serious father and a young baby need your help. As in a usual life all of them have a habitual schedule with special time for eating , taking a bath, working and coming back home. Your task is to find and clean all dirty places in the house and keep doing that during the whole day.


Meanwhile the whole family may get together for a dinner and quick nanny should obviously fix it, do the preparations and clean the table. But the most important is a newborn infant, which bad is placed on the second floor and you can't see it all the time.


There is no roof in the house, so you can observe it from the top. You may see only the part of the searching territory. To change the view, scroll your mouse and move from the edges towards the required place.



Nanny ManiaIt is necessary to feed the child and to change his diaper. But be ready to face multiple difficulties in completing these tasks. Thus to launder, you need to gather dirty clothes first, then put them into the washing machine, after that - to the dryer and only in the end you should store it in the chest.


The same action sequences should be accomplished while cooking a dinner, taking care of a child etc. Each of them takes much time. If you want to be a rational housekeeper, don't wait until the meal is cooked or the clothes are washed. Just keep your eye at the time indicator above the processing gadgets and do the current work in this time.


The sequence of you steps in completing the complex tasks both with the objects to be cleaned are highlighted with a green color.


Nanny ManiaBesides, Nanny Mania features some helping points.


1. Remember, that if you drink a cup of coffee in the kitchen your speed and activity will rise instantly. You'll be able to complete all your tasks much quicker and more efficiently.


2. Moreover, the sound background of the game helps to indicate when the washing machine is stopped or when the baby needs your help. Nobody can stand a baby crying, right?


All your current results together with a level of house chouse and crucial time are shown in the bottom of the playing field.


Nanny ManiaThe game resembles real life a lot, so don't be surprised when the newborn baby starts walking and moving along the flat. As you may suspect, it will create a lot of work and problems for you. He crushes and through different objects about the house.


Hurry up to cope with his pranks and prevent his mom from doing it instead of you. By the way, with the came progressing the family will have one more child and it may be not a limit.


If you manage successfully and pass the levels rather naturally, you'll unlock more characters to play. Try yourself as a provident mother or become a responsible dad.


Anyway, 150 levels of Nanny Mania give you a chance to feel all pros and contras of housekeeping from different viewpoints.


The graphics and plot of Nanny Mania is very realistic and it's rather easy to feel yourself in the natural conditions. Pleasant music and friendly family atmosphere make this time-management strategy the right thing to train your hand before a real cleaning.

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Game Review   2007-05-18


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