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Game Review   2007-09-17


Orchidia Game DownloadOrchidia - Fantasy Match-Three


So many times has the match-three theme been used in different ways. But this time we've got a really interesting and exciting form of presenting this idea. How about items floating down the river current? And not just items, but beautiful flowers. That's exactly what you are to expect from Orchidia, match-three game from Slam Games.



Your mission in this game is to save the land of Orchidia from losing its magic. You'll have to deal with the flowers that float down the river and make dams on it. Matching the same types of flowers is the only way of solving the problem.


Orchidia Game DownloadAt the very beginning you are to choose a player for yourself. You will be an elf-like either girl or boy.


Then you choose a mode for yourself. There are two of them: Orchidia Storyplay and Orchidia Eternal.


In The Orchidia Storyplay mode you learn the story of the game, which is about saving a fantasy land of Orchidia. The land is loosing its magic and you are the one to help it.


What causes the problem is the flowers that float down the main river and make dams on it. Your task is to clear the river from the flowers by matching them.


There are two companions with you on your journey: Doriella and a rubber ducky.


Download Orchidia for freeYou are led by a weird (and quite ugly, I must say) creature named Doriella through all the challenges. There's another fellow to help you on this journey - a toy ducky that was brought to life by the magic of the place you are in. You will have them only in the Storyplay mode. The Orchidia Eternal mode gives an opportunity of an endless play. There are three levels of difficulty in this mode: Relaxed, Fun, and Tricky. In this mode you are to keep matching the flowers till they fill up the screen.


Even though matching is the only task of the game, there are some special tasks to accomplish. The game is also full of the power-ups.


Orchidia game downloadYou are going to get some other tasks while matching the flowers. For example, once in a while you are to help animals, trapped by the ice or flowers. Or you are to deal with the creatures like sharks. In these cases you are to scare them a certain number of times.


You can also get different Charms that are very helpful during the game. There is Touch Charm that destroys the flowers it touches or Row Charm that clears the whole row it gets on.


You'll also encounter different objects floating through the river - either ice or flowers. If you touch them with the flowers you are trying to place, the item clings to your block and becomes a part of it. So either use it or avoid it.


One of the neat things about this game is that you can actually define the speed of the flower blocks you get. You control them either with a mouse or a keyboard. You are free to rotate them and move in three directions except upward as they slowly go down.


Orchidia is a very attractive game both in the way it looks and the way it's played.

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Game Review   2007-09-17


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Chris  2007-10-18 09:00:22
Totally agree - this game is awesome!

Sam  2007-10-22 05:25:20
Ducky is so cute :-)

Becky  2007-11-13 20:51:13
such a cute game! love the music too!

Angle  2012-05-20 22:05:04
Karla & Fred - It was a beautiful day, and a night we'll never fogret. It put us at ease to be in your expert hands, and many of our guests commented on how perfect the venue was. Thanks for everything!

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