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Game Review   2007-05-29


Out Of Your MindOut Of Your Mind - great combination of live-action puzzle game and exercise in drawing.


We all know what it's like to floss our teeth, but what about flossing our brain? Isn't it a great idea - to floss our mind clearing it from problems? Well in Out Of Your Mind developed and published by Gamelab you have such an opportunity.


Here you are offered to work in Blissful Brain Holistic Lluxury Spa. You are the one to help people get rid of gunk and different kinds of critters dwelling in their brain. Your task is to get inside your clients' minds with a special "metal floss" and to clean all the gunk and to kill the critters that cause various neuroses.


You deal with different types of creatures dwelling in your clients' brain: Posi-Tics, Nega-Tics, Mega Nega-Tics.


Out Of Your MindThere are three general types of critters you are to fight with: Posi-Tics, Nega-Tics and Mega Nega-Tics. Nega-Tics are the ones you have to kill while clearing the brains from gunk. There are different types of Nega-Tics.


You have all of them listed in your Tic-tionary with a short description for each of them. In the Tic-tionary you will also find information about Posi-Tics and Mega Nega-Tics.


If Nega-Tics stay for too long in the brain they turn into Mega Nega-Tics and mean trouble for you as they explode. If you were not able to get rid of them before they exploded, more gunk of a specific color is added. And Posi-Tics are the ones to help you with clearing the gunk.


Click on the floss, get as many Nega-Ticks  and as much gunk as possible on it, make a loop to get through a level.


Out Of Your MindHow you deal with the Tics? It's easy - you click on a floss and then draw a line getting as many Nega-Tics on it as possible, then make a loop and the Tics are killed. You should not be focused on killing the Ticks only.


They will keep coming up until the gunk is cleared.


Clearing the gunk is your main task on each level. So try to make the loops around the gunk and it will gradually disappear.


Don't let Nega-Tics turn into Mega Nega-Tics and try to get Posi-Tics killing 5 or more Nega-Tics.


Out Of Your MindAs you go through levels you meet more types of  Nega-Tics. They are of different colors.


You use the floss of an appropriate color for each of them. If left on the field for too long they turn into Mega Nega-Tics; and if you fail to kill it before an explosion you get more of gunk. This gunk will be the same color as the Mega Nega-Tic that exploded which means that you can clear it now only with the floss of that color.


Posi-Tics are meant to help you with your job. How do you get them? Try to floss 5 or more Nega-Tics and one Posi-Tic will appear. They are not as numerous as Nega-Tics but really helpful.


Help clients with their problems or try yourself as a fighter with never-ending Nega-Tics and self-replenishing brain gunk.


Out Of Your MindOut Of Your Mind has two modes. The general mode provides you with 70 different brain sessions. The other one, Neverending Nega-Tics, gives you an opportunity to see how long can you fight against the Nega-Tics and self-replenishing brain gunk.


Out Of Your Mind has not only challenging tasks but also stylish design. The brain gunk may appear on the field in the form of words or in a recognizable shape like skull or smile.


Out Of Your Mind is a combination of live-action puzzle game and exercise in drawing that you can't help enjoying.

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Game Review   2007-05-29


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