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Game Review   2012-03-11


Pahelika: RevelationsPahelika: Revelations


This is the second installment of the Pahelika series. Pahelika: Revelations has ist own unique story and many adventure puzzles to comlete without any help. So hopefully your solution finding skills do not let you down and you are able to complete the game.



The graphics are edequate to the story without bright colors and happy characters.


Pahelika: Revelations

As it often happens in the games of this genre, the evil is relesed and you are the onlu one responsible for stopping it from the distruction of everything. You go back with Sudesh Budkoti back to fix this problem after he realises what he had done through the magic book.


The graphics are edequate to the story without bright colors and happy characters. The same is with the music at the background. It is a great match to the story without being annoying.


Tasks and minigames not too challenging, although some really require you to think the solution through. Additional challenge is created by the absence of hints or journal. 


Pahelika: Revelations

That might make you feel like you are left on your own but isn't that what makes it more fun to play games like that. And there is a walkthrough that you can use after all.


You will have to make spells often, so if you want to reduce going back and forth, stock up some ingredients the first time.


Teleportation is your means of travelling here, which is the theme loved by many gamers. The game gives references to the first one, so maybe you want to play the first one too if you haven't yet.


Since Pahelika is different in style from the HOGs many gamers are used to, maybe trying the demo to see if you like it is a great idea.






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Game Review   2012-03-11


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Jovana  2012-05-22 06:44:32
I’ll start by saying the joernuy I do feel like I am on is not at all what I expected, but exactly what I need. It’s been a week since we first met, and it started as ‘sure I’ll take some lessons and it’ll be great to be around horses again and learn some stuff –sweet.’ And I came home today, and yesterday too, and my brain hurt (in a good way), I feel energized, but my feet never got off the ground, and it all feels right.As I look forward I can see that there are pieces for me, of me, on several levels that are opportunities to grow and to bridge one aspect of my life to another. It is that piece about willingness we have talked about, in working with horses, which allows them to do something we are asking of them, but it is SO much about practicing what we preach- asking it of ourselves.I love my job. Everyday I work with young children, supporting them as they enter their school environment, interacting with their peers and teachers, negotiating their needs and curiosities with those around them, exploring their personal joernuy in every aspect of who they are while the are learning and growing, and most importantly doing it in a safe and respectful way….hmmm, not to far off the mark- right? And then I come in contact with a big, beautiful, intelligent animal, who’s looking at me for support and direction, and I’m saying to myself, “How is this going to work?” And I came home today thinking, I know exactly what I expect from my relationships with my students, my friends, my animals, and I’ll throw family in there too because I mostly know what to expect. I know how I will be with them and that there is a mutual sense of trust and cooperation. I look forward to enjoying that relationship every time we come in contact….ahhhhh. ok. pieces falling into place.So as a current goal, I am working on finding my release; the go ahead, you're getting let's keep going.' I think tha this will encourage my confidence in this new set of skills and understanding that I know will come together and layer, mix and meld over and over again. That, I feel, will be my biggest reward as I move forward; not because it will be some moment of ‘ah ha, got it, check check, moving on.’ But more like, in practicing to release myself into this wonderful and fulfilling space of relationship building and understanding with horses, there will be that process of delineation in which I will be a horsewoman, not a horse rider; similar to becoming a teacher, not a person who makes children learn stuff.

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