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Game Review   2007-09-14


Paradise Pet SalonParadise Pet Salon - Pet-Spa Time-Management Game


After the series of meditative and medium-paced strategy and tycoon games, it's time to unwind and put your fingers to work. Paradise Pet Salon, the latest offering from Toybox Games is welcoming all pet fans. In this time-management game you will be in charge of ... a pet spa. So, you will be making the dogs and cats beautiful and their masters happy.



In terms of game play, Paradise Pet Salon is a mere take on Diner Dash. You will be serving your four-legged customers under limited time.


However, there are some innovations that bring refreshing experience into the game:


Paradise Pet Salon Game Download1. For each level there will be no fixed money goal. That means you will pass to the next level unless you completely fail the game.


2. You will have to choose ALL upgrades for your shop. There are not only types of stations, but also the color of floor and walls as well as their design.


3. In order to raise more money you will be able to sell some of your old salon equipment in order to buy newer one.


Now - more on the game itself. As you've settled on the design and equipment of your Pet Spa, you can start your first day.


By the way, don't forget that you're trying to compete with Pet Spa mogul - who is aiming to monopolize the pet-care business. So, you've got no chance to lose.


Paradise Pet Salon Game DownloadWhen a new customer comes with his pet, approach them, click on a customer and take the pet. Bring the pet to a corresponding station depending on its needs. They will be displayed in a thought bubble by the pet's head. Some pets will need two kinds of service(say washing and cutting).


The number of such pets will increase as you progress through the game. So, be sure to purchase several washing and cutting stations in order to serve all pets in time.


While you're busy with your job, keep an eye on pet masters and their level of happiness displayed in shape of hearts.


Paradise Pet Salon Game DownloadIn order to make them more patient, you can buy more chairs at upgrade shop to seat everybody waiting for his/her pet.


While you are bringing pets from one station to another, you will forget about who's exactly the master of the pet. Don't be afraid - once you approach the line of your customers waiting to get their pets back - the true master will flash. Without any doubt hand out the beautiful pet to its master and get your well-deserved cash.


Well, this is mainly it about the new game. What's really funny about Paradise Pet Salon is your ability to decide every little detail on your business. But with time the game gets a little bit monotonous as you will be serving the same kinds of pets. If you disagree, feel free to express your opinion below...

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Game Review   2007-09-14


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Nicole  2008-06-26 08:10:46
this game rocks,like these kinds of games!!
also try nanny mania, hells kitchen,and sally hair salon or sally spa!!!

Tz  2008-01-23 15:25:03
Yeah, I have the same problem, I've tried it on three machines, all numbers ($$$) do not display correctly.

kellee  2008-03-18 21:20:34
I loved the game it's easy and I love animals so I very much liked the game.

catarina  2007-09-15 17:43:46
adoro jogar a este jogo mas,eu ja fiz todos os download no google mas ja nao da para fazer mais gostava que me dessem oportunidade de fazer mais downloads!!!!!!!!

Momma  2007-09-23 17:42:21
This game looks fun but for some reason I cannot get it to play It keeps shutting down on me! Does anyone know why it would do that!

maria  2007-10-12 07:07:16
how can i play this game

Patrick Leung  2007-11-11 03:16:45
the numbers (e.g money, # of customer) are not display properly, just
some strange symbol

Starla  2008-07-07 16:20:56
This game is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anabael  2008-07-09 23:36:19
This is the most best games ever!!!!

Sherry  2008-07-06 09:59:37
I love this game it rocks!

fanny  2008-12-02 16:53:51
in love w/this game is the best thing ever loving it!!!!!

Fong  2009-12-16 20:48:06
Help me pls! i like this game but the numbers all appear in some strange symbol making the game alot less fun anyone can help?

amy  2009-12-28 20:06:12

amy  2009-12-28 20:08:27
how funny!!!!
i love this game

Gogineni  2012-09-23 07:34:50
This is one of our final year students first game raeseels. Think geometry wars crossed with hungry hippos(!)Starting out life as needing to meet a strict final year assignment brief as a bit of a tech demo for XNA the team added a lot of polish and are now planning on working on larger-scale projects.

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