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Game Review   2010-03-08


Pathfinders__Lost_at_SeaPathfinders: Lost at Sea


Pathfinders: Lost at Sea is one of the latest releases to the hidden object genre. The game is full of everything you may want in this kind of games. A little bit of search, useful clues, mysterious adventure and nice locations to stay at. 


And you have to go through all of that not just for fun, but for the sake of finding the lost city of Atlantis.



But before you get to finding the lost city make sure that you know where even you are and how you got there.



You and your crew are on the boat expedition searching for an artifact that is supposed to take you to Atlantis. But instead of all that you find yourself all alone on a yacht without the crew.


In search for the crew and the answers you will come across many secrets and clues to unravel the mystery of the island you find yourself on.


You'll accomplish all this by searching the world for a wide variety of hidden objects. The scenes are varied and beautiful to look at, with small embellishments of animation to make the world look alive without being distracting to the task at hand of finding items.


Pathfinders__Lost_at_SeaYou'll have a list of items to find on the left side of the screen. The list will be alphabetized, and there will also be a hint button in case you get stuck.


The graphics are really beautiful. The locations don't repeat and only few even look alike. That is so nice of the developers to make sure you don't stay in the same place for too long. The only thing about that is that they are crazy cluttered.


Some of the items will take you to another puzzle to solve. Those are not extremely difficult and can be scipped to continue search for the items on the list, but some of them are fun to stay and play.


Pathfinders__Lost_at_SeaThe game has only oone mode, a story one, which means that the replayability level of the game is quite low.  


There's no difficulty selection, no timers, no real penalty for clicking the wrong objects (the cursor spirals out of control for about two seconds) and you have pretty frequent access to a hint option that will highlight one of the objects you're searching for.


The game is nice, gently, more just to relax and enjoy the precess.


This is Pathfinders: Lost at Sea in a nutshell. The trial version will help you to make up your mind.


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Game Review   2010-03-08


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This is Pathfinders: Lost at Sea review. Download this game here.