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Game Review   2008-05-09


Pets_Fun_HousePets Fun House - Happiness for both customers and pets

If you follow the latest games, you are likely to have already become a pet caring expert. In this case Pets Fun House will be a great place for applying your skills. Otherwise it's a perfect choice to join the vast army of players addicted to this type of time-management games. The game is distinguished from others due to its strategy elements and cute graphics.

Do you know the latest tendencies in the pets market? Even if not, you will surely learn that in Pets Fun House!

 Pets_Fun_House The heroine of the game decides to open her own business (nothing special for most of game characters, do you agree?). And she chooses to open a pet shop - that is also quite traditional for them nowadays. So, you are invited to one-more fast-paced journey to the top of pet caring industry, and it has some specific features I'm going to tell you about.

You will start in a small shabby shop and aim for state-of-the-art Pets Fun House Empire. At the beginning you will have for beds where you place your pets. You choose a pet (by the end of the game you'll have 8 variants) and try to satisfy all its needs in order for it to grow enough to be sold. Before you start each day you will be shown the Today's Hit screen, where you can see what the most popular pet for the day will be and what it needs most for growing. Knowing this you can distribute your resources wisely and stock the items necessary for the day in the appropriate quantity.

Tip: Don't forget to raise all available types of pets, for not only the popular once will be demanded. And keep all the beds full, for the customers won't wait for too long.

Pets_Fun_House Each level has a goal and a day limit given to reach it. Before you can start selling pets you need to raise them, so begin with getting all the beds occupied. After this you'll feed your pets, clean after them, give them toys and medicines, and try to keep them happy - for the happier the pet is, the more money the customer will pay! Besides selling pets you can also sell supplies to pet owners coming to the shop and earn some quick money. But be careful - if your stock falls below zero, you will be still able to use it - but that will cost 50% more.

As you progress through the game the game play will become more and more complicated, as the needs of your pets will be more diverse and there will be more of them, not mentioning more customers. But if you manage to keep all of them happy - the Pets Fun House Empire will be your reward!

The game features more than 40 levels, some of them represent a memory mini-game allowing you to make some additional money for upgrading your shop. You can play either the Story mode or, if you enjoy the mini-game, the Cardgame mode with such tasks only - up to you to choose.

The game is very cutely drawn, which adds fun to the game experience. If you enjoy time-managements and like caring for pets - it's a nice one to try.

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Game Review   2008-05-09


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Nacy  2008-05-20 22:16:08
I agree that the game is realyl fun to play . I have play for a while and ii already love this game. The pets inside is so cute. and i enojoy it with my 5 yrs old kids. Worth playing

jack  2008-05-27 02:58:06
the game is fun. I like playing animal game. and Pets Fun House does really give me the feeling of fun. I play it for a few days. I enjoy the game experience. The color of this game is pretty warm for me. Nice. and I think the game animation and effect are so cool as well!

My melody  2008-05-15 02:18:45
Great game. Very fun especially when going up to higher level. Easy to get addicted. graphic is cute. Really worth a try.

PeterTT  2008-05-14 02:45:24
The background design so good. It gives me a warm feeling. Also, it can raise all available types of pets. Good game design.
It will be better if it can have more pets to choose.
Anyway, it is a good game.

Klondike  2011-11-12 18:40:53
I want to send you an award for most helpful internet weirtr.

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