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Game Review   2008-01-01


Pizza Chef Game DownloadPizza Chef - A Mix of Time-Management, Matching and Mosaic

I've been trying to write a review for this game for three days now, but each time I sit to play before writing a review, I find myself too absorbed with the game to review it.


This is about Pizza Chef - a title by Playful Age that emerged at the end of 2007 and saw a tremendous success since then. Though the visuals of the games look very simple, its specialty is terrific and so far unique mixture of matching, mosaic, and time-management.


So, let's start. You, a Pizza Chef, settle in a beautiful town. But, there are no pizzerias there, so your point is to open pizza places one by one.


Pizza Chef Game Download

As you open your first pizzeria, customers begin showing up. So, the mission is to bake pizzas and burgers for them and not to let any single customer leave without a pizza. In order to serve your customers, you need to:

  1. Match food above the burners. Once you perform a match, you will activate the burners under the products.

  2. You can prepare pizzas and burgers on the activated burners.

  3. Click on a pizza symbol above your customers and drag it on the activated burners. Wait for the pizza to be baked.

Though this multitude of tasks may sound too complicated developers have prepared a bunch of helpful stuff for you.

Thus if your customer gets too impatient, you can hand a cup of coffee to them to raise the level of their patience.


Sometimes an ice-cream may appear on the burner. Click on it to raise your current customer's patience.


Pizza Chef Game DownloadMoreover, if you match 4 and more food items, you'll get a bomb bonus. By clicking on a bomb, you activate the neighboring burners.


Plus, for your comfort is a battery feature. The battery located at the bottom of the playing field. If fully recharged, it can keep the burners activated for a certain time. In order to recharge it, you'll have to collect electricity jolts emerging on the playfield.


By the way, between the levels you can get upgrades for the battery - in order to prolong its activity and increase its initial recharge.


Just like in many games, you will be baking a variety of pizzas. For the money earned on a level you'll be able to buy new pizza recipes.


What makes the gameplay of Pizza Chef even more various, are hidden object and mosaic levels.


Pizza Chef Game Download

On Ispy levels, your customers return to the pizzeria with the aim to find the forgotten items. As for the mosaic levels, your task is to fit the pizzas and burgers into a fixed set of activated burners.


As for tips and tricks, I can only give you one. In the beginning of level, try to activate as more burners as possible, and then bake several pizzas at a time for combo bonus.


This is all I can say about this little game. Simple cover hides mouthwatering filling inside. Bon appetite!

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Game Review   2008-01-01


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Keeley  2008-01-14 08:53:49
I bought this game after finding the 60 min trial addictive. The only problem with the game, and it's quite frustrating, is that the upgrades can bought in a relatively short amount of time but after each level you are still taken to the upgrade screen. It would be nice for more upgrades to be available after those shown in your screenshot above, especially to increase the size of the cooking area more than twice. So I'd say 4 stars overall.

KELLY BRITO  2008-05-08 17:48:49
й muito legal!

iason  2009-10-03 07:12:54

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This is Pizza Chef review. Download this game here.