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Game Review   2010-05-25


Pizza Chef 2 - Create the perfect pizza!

Pizza Chef 2 Free Game Download and ReviewIn Pizza Chef 2 - a fun and exciting Match 3 game by Playful Age and Big Fish Games - you are to play as a niece of a restaurant tycoon andrun a chain of classy pizzerias and cook like a real professional! Try to serve clients and earn coins that you can invest back into your restaurant to make your business grow, and you are definitely going to enjoy the game! Your happy clientele will favour your promotion from a small pizza cafe to a chain of upscale restaurants in the big city.

What about becoming the pizza magnate?

Pizza Chef 2 Free Game Download and ReviewThose who liked Pizza Chef are sure to get involved into its sequel Pizza Chef 2, where they will continue to serve customers and cook the tastiest food. The goal remains the same: earn money, manage the whole chain of the restaurants and enjoy new characters and new interesting storyline! It can be called similar in play to Coffee Rush for those of you that might have played that. Though the graphics and music aren't groundbreaking, this game is pretty much exactly what you need with a couple other fun things thrown in that (ie: side games like the hidden object screen for bonus coins, etc).

It all starts with a mysterious disappearance of the owner who invented a unique pizza recipe and doesn't want that it is used by ill-wishers. So, his young niece is to Pizza Chef 2 Free Game Download and Reviewmanage a new cafe from the very first day of its work. The hiding unlcle calls her from time to time to give helpful hints and support.

The story is hokey as to be suspected, but I am sure you are not going to care much about the storyline here because the game is a lot of fun to play itself. Your task is to collect orders and place them on lighted stoves. The trick is that the stoves are lit there only where you matched 3 or more similar tiles. So you see it's not easy. Especially when you buy new recipes  which take more and more tiles and have complicated shapes. You'll start with a small pizza and proceed to a croissant, sandwiches, steak, poultry, kebab, etc). To cheer you up there are various upgrades and bonuses which help significantly. Match 4 or more tiles and you've got a whole row lighted. Match a tile with a lightning bolt, and you have a cross of rows at your disposal. A bomb will provide you with a good dozen of lit stoves and who knows what surprise is waiting for you further in the game?

Pizza Chef 2 Free Game Download and ReviewAs your customers lose patience with every next level, you have to please them with cups of coffee which increase their patience and can be upgraded in two ways (taste and efficiency, where taste increases the number of hearts, and efficiency means the needed number of rows reduced to get a new cup), and modernized restaurant's appearance. You can also see a toaster under your stoves. Collect tiles with lightning bolt for it and get all the stoves lighted for some time. Buy corresponding upgrades and collect less lightning bolts and have the stoves lit for a longer time.

To charm you completely, developers have prepared minigames which are not necessary of match 3 style but have you playing hidden object scenes or doing puzzles. Addicting puzzles, I'd rather say. Oh, almost forgotten: be good in excellent placing of orders on the stoves and get extra scores for it.

One negative with this game: I now want a dang pizza and a croissant!

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Game Review   2010-05-25


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